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    Digital Design and Innovation – MIS 3504

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    prototype requirements

    I hope last night’s team  working session was helpful to generate ideas about what kind of solutions you can propose.

    Below are the requirements for the prototype:

    Due Tues 6/19

    – prototype is a chance to PLAY
    – focus of grading will be on demonstrating  justinmind EXPLORATION/MASTERY
    – proototypes about your project
    – individual
    – min 5 screens (sequential/interrelated)
    – min 5 different functional widgets
    – more screens/widgets, complexity, creativity
    – best in team: 1 point / best in class 2 points

    Strive for a Pass High – not just meeting the minimum requirements.  It will be more fun and ultimately more rewarding.

    Good luck!

    More responses from Amie

    These are questions submitted to Amie earlier today and her responses:


    8.     You mentioned there was a limit on the number of interns you host at any given time due to the space limitations in the office but you also have a remote access graphic arts intern. Is there any reason CfEVA has not tried to host any more interns like this?

    We can only manage so many interns.  It takes time to manage interns well so we each usually only have one or two at a time in order to keep it a constructive and well managed experience.


    9.     It seems that CfEVA targets art individuals to be interns, this makes sense since that is premise of the organization but there are many other elements involved in the operation. Has CfEVA looked into trying to gain interns with non-art specific interests?

    We have tried to get interns who are non-art specific through the Fels foundation program. They match non-profits with business and non-art students and professionals.  We haven’t actually been placed with any thus far.  We haven’t really reached out to non- art interns because we have so many art-interested people who want to intern with us that we end up at capacity.  And, we can’t pay out interns.  So, business students and other fields who expect to be paid for their internships wouldn’t be interested.

    Interviews update

    We had a great morning at CfEVA.  Julia and Genevieve provided very good feedback and information.  Special thanks to James and David for representing the class.  I started uploading the videos. They are available on the menu in the upper right.  (I am using a wireless connection and it is very slow).  More will be up tomorrow morning.

    Responses to Follow-up questions – from AMIE

    Below are follow-up questions submitted to Amie and her responses:

    1.  How do you envision the community taking part in the membership program?

    We actually only want to roll out an artist membership at the moment.  But, other types of membership can be considered.  The concern with non-artist memberships is that if people who are not artists become members, they will not give additional donations to the organization beyond their membership.  However, many organizations have membership programs.  I would look online to see what organizations offer to members as a guide.  I imagine that a membership with CFEVA that is non-artist would just be form of support since we don’t have ticketed events to become free or discounted for the general public.


    2.  What are some of the benefits an artist would receive from the membership program besides discounts?

    Artist benefits could include discounts on applications for 1.  The career development program  2.  Visiting Curator exhibition  3.  Philadelphia Open Studio Tours.  Also, we could offer discounts with partner organizations such as inliquid, Heavybubble websites for artists, etc.  Artists could also have discounts on free career counseling sessions with our staff members on professional development for artists.  And, artists could receive a discount on admission to our Direct Dialouge Lecture series (9 lectures on Professional development for artists throughout the year.)  We also plan to offer artists members a page on our website for their images and contact info, an area to list their shows and events, and an email-newsletter or access to opportunities listings on our website.


    3.  What are the biggest constraints of introducing this type of program?

    Gaining new members.  We offer so much to artists for free at this time and artists do not have much disposable income so it’s difficult.  My feeling is that all current Career Development Program (CDP) Fellows and all CDP Alumni should automatically become members when we roll it out as it’s easier to get folks to renew than to sign up in the first place.  Other than that, our challenge will be to market to new members to get them to sign up.

    Interviews at CfEVA Wed 6/6

    The next 2 interviews will be at CfEVA on WEDNESDAY 6/6 from 9-11am.

    Please make every effort to attend.  We need at least 1  person from each team.

    We will interview the following people:

    9-10am:  Julia O’Keefe Hubbard, Administrative Coordinator

    10-11am: Genevieve Coutroubis,  Director of Regional Community Arts Program


    Interview Videos

    The videos from the interview with Amie are available on the Interview Page – see menu on the upper right.   Please thank David Lamb for his help splitting the recording into manageable segments and posting them to YouTube.

    Do you have more questions for Amie?

    As a team, if you have any questions you want to ask Amie as a follow up to the interview, submit them to me and I will compile them into a single email and forward them to her.  Please send them to me by the end of the day tomorrow.

    Also – we are working on making the video of the interview available as soon as possible.  The files are very large and it is proving to be a challenge (Over an hour of video!).  Once a solution is found I will let you know.  Thanks for your patience.

    CfEVA projects

    Below are the 3 projects:

    1. MEMBERSHIP program for Artists and Others and how to provide value and build a community

    2.  VISIBILITY for CfEVA and its programs and how to overcome the challenges of location

    3. CAPTURING information about all individuals who interface with CfEVA through different programs, networks and encounters


    The team project assignments are as follows:

    •Team 1 – Capturing
    •Team 2 – Visibility
    •Team 3 – Capturing
    •Team 4 – Membership
    •Team 5 – Membership


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