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    IMPORTANT: All the info you asked for ….

    Here are hopefully all of the answers to your questions asked in class on Tuesday:

    Final presentations:

    Presentations will be on Thursday 12/1 and Tuesday 12/6.  Six teams will present each day, 10 minutes including your slides and prototype demonstration.  After all teams present, we will have a general discussion.

    ALL PRESENTATIONS ARE DUE ON 12/1 by 9 AM.  This includes your powerpoint slides and prototype.  They must be emailed to me and I will compile them into a single presentation to make the process as smooth as possible.

    Any presentations received after 9AM will be considered late and will not present!

    The Library staff attending will be:

    Thursday 12/1:  Jonathan LeBreton + John Petit

    Tuesday 12/6:  Brenda Galloway-Wright

    Final Deliverables:

    Each TEAM will submit:

    1.  A project scope document for your project (all sections)
    2.  A data table of the entities & attributes used in your solution
    3.  A business rules table covering all the business decisions in your solution
    4. Your prototype and a presentation about it (5 slides based on the framework discussed)
    Items 1-3 are due on 12/6.  Submit hard copies in class for and  email copies to me as well.
    Item 4 will already be submitted on 12/1

    Final Exam:

    The final will be comprehensive – covering the entire semester.  Any lectures/discussion and readings from the second half are fair game (In addition to the material from the first half).  We have had you do various exercises for your project that we covered or the readings have covered – know them.  We will not ask justinmind usage questions.


    There will be a review session for both sections on Thursday 12/8 from 2-3:00 in Speakman 112.  Rich and I will both be there to answer your questions.  This is a voluntary session and not required.

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