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“The whole world steps aside for a man who knows where hes going”— Unknown

Welcome to my blog.I am a Junior at Temple University studying Business Marketing and my expected graduation date is May 2013. Upon and after graduation, I would love to pursue a career in the magazine industry. I also have hopes of one day opening my own Public Relations Agency.

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  • Hi Ashanna. I like the quote you put on your about page and you got some good informatiion in your e-portfolio. However, I suggest that maybe you can add more information on each page and you may also want to add some information about your career interest and hobbies. So as people ( including your potenial employers) who view your e-portfolio to have a better idea about who you are. A well-designed e-portfolio can help you ‘marketing’ yourself effectively in front of your potenial employers.

    Do you mind giving me some feedback too? Please post your comments on my “contact me” page,Thanks.

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