Zilong Zhao

Major: BBA Actuarial Science
Graduation: January 2016


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CAE_LOGOThis is a unofficial blog dedicated to Temple University Actuarial Science students.

The blog creator, Zilong (‘Z’) Zhao, is an actuarial student who would strongly recommend everyone who is interested in studying actuarial science to come to Temple. He loves the people he meets at the Fox School of Business; he loves the courses he takes; he loves the different student organizations that he is a part of!

These of his “loves” come from two of his greatest passions in life: math (problem solving) and business (people interaction).



Update – 2017: Please visit my new site: WeZBest.com  – a website dedicated to empowering Z and like-minded people to be the best versions of ourselves. Stay tuned for top growth/motivational articles, skill-exchange events, mastermind groups, awesome conference/event alerts, and other awesome “growth stimulants” that hustlers would not want to miss!




Update – June 9th, 2014: my recent blog post on Coaching Actuaries blog:  http://blog.coachingactuaries.com/practice-makes-perfect/


Reasons why Z and his fellow peers think Temple is the best school for actuarial science majors:


  • Business focused! The actuarial science program is in the business school, and it is under the Fox Risk Management and Insurance department, which is #5 in the U.S. After meeting so many business professionals across the insurance industry and learning so much about the business in an aggregate level, I can never picture myself studying actuarial science and crunching numbes all day under a math department. [http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/rankings/business-insurance-risk]
  • Largest Gamma Iota Sigma chapter in the nation. GIS is a professional fraternity for risk management, healthcare, and actuarial science majors. As the biggest student organization on Temple Campus (with over 400 dues-paying members), GIS “creates camaraderie among members by collectively challenging them to develop the habits, skills, and network they will need for a successful, sustainable career.” GIS, although a frat, does not do parties; it does meetings that truly help members to find internships and land jobs. [http://sigmachapter.org/about_us.php]

3 thoughts on "Hello and Welcome!"

  • Mathguy says:

    I’ve been accepted under the honors program. How many tests do the Actuarial majors pass by graduation? What companies recruit for internships on campus? Thanks!

    1. Zilong Zhao says:

      Hey! I’ve seen Temple students graduate with five exams, and also people who graduate with one — I think exam progress largely depends on the students themselves. Please google Gamma Iota Sigma, Temple Chapter — it has past year recruiting events, 30+ companies came last year.
      Hope that helps! =)
      Feel free to contact me at zilong.zhao@temple.edu.

  • Wu, Meijing says:

    Really thanks for your sharing and it is helpful.

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