Sitemeter vs Google Analytics

Site Meter is a fee but fun easy to use website that allow you to add a web counter or a traffic controller to your blogging page. It displays the number of visitors to your website and it keeps tabs on the number of people that views your page on an day to day basis. It also give the use detailed information about the visitors that views their page. All this information is always in real time therefore it is constantly updating.

Google Analytics is a little better than Site meter because it shows you how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience which is a lot more detailed that site meter. I personally would prefer to use this than site meter even though they both are free and this is a bit more complicated to handle but I get a more detailed report of the people who use my site there I know how to be more of an influence to them possibly increasing me views.

WOW To My Classmates!

I would like to give much credit to Venkatanagendra Satyam on his entire blog website. He really enjoys what he does and I can see that he was very detailed with every blog posts and his pictures and videos were implemented very well. I can tell the he learned a lot from the class from his blog about what he would take away from the class. I can agree with him when he says he was able to increase his presence on the internet because of blogging. I too agree because even though blogging is not my thing, it really does increase your awareness with the social media world.

Lydia Bailey is another classmate I would like tog give recognition to. Her blogs were very detailed as well and well out together. She was able to apply what she has experienced in class, work every day life and incorporate that into her blogs which really kept me a a reader reading because it was very interesting and I was able to relate to her blogs when I read them. Her pictures were cute and I really enjoyed her slide show of her senior year.

Great Job Classmates!!

Starfish, spiders and everything in between

I work for Temple Performing Arts Center (TPAC) on Temple’s campus and I believe that we are a centralized system system because it is the only performing arts center on campus and only the president and the executive directer have the power to make key decisions for the organization. Lower level employees has no say in what the next steps in enhancing the organization should be. It was the president’s decision to change the name of the building from The Baptist Temple to Temple Performing Arts Center. Of course many thought it was not a good idea but their opinions did not matter. If top performers were to make bad decisions for the organization, then TPAC will fall part. These are the reasons why I think the TPAC is a centralized organization.



How to create a linked in website?

First, you have to create a signin name a password. (be creative with the password to avoid easy hacking)
Second, Add details to your profile, this includes education, work experience, awards, achievements, etc.
Third, display an appropriate photo of yourself, for this is an professional way of networking and communicating to employers etc.
Fourth, develop a professional statement aka a cover letter so when employers come across your profile, they can see what your about and what your looking for.
Fifth, try to update your status on a weekly basis. This will allow for you to say on peoples news feed and get you self out there.

Linkedin must not be confused with facebook or twitter. This is a strictly professional website. Therefore, leave the immature and childish acts to else where.

My linkedin page –

Is Facebook a viable publishing platform?

Facebook is indeed a very popular website! I might be in denial when I say that I am not addicted to it but I do believe I am not the only one. Honestly, anything news wise if I see it on facebook I do not believe it until I see it on the news! why? I just don’t consider facebook to be a reliable source for news related information. When I think of facebook I think of fun, social, innovation, opinions, and fun. So this idea of using facebook as a news source to me is a bad idea. It okay to have an RSS news feed as a link on the side if you chose to opt that open into your settings but have those links do directly to the new websites is an okay method.

In reality, the content that is being used on facebook is not credible enough therefore the idea of using facebook as an avenue of delivering news is not a smart idea. The two should stay separated because in the worse case scenario, if one day facebook shuts down, then it will be a major problem. The days don’t put all your eggs in one basket kind of relate to this whole idea of using facebook for news, you just never know what might happen.

If I had my own company, I would go the traditional route and use my own website but also develop an app for users to download for on the go news read. I guess you can say its the safer way to do things.

What is social media?

In what ways is social media something new and different?

One thing that I have noticed about today’s social media is this sense of openness. People that use social website tend to be very open about their personal life. In other words, no one is longer discrete about what they put on the internet. For example, the things I see people tweet on tweeter or post on pictures can be a bit disturbing. People nowadays are not ashamed to publicize things that are known to be private. It can do with anything from provocative pictures to having open discussions about one’s sex life. Call me old fashioned but what goes on in the bed room and in your love life does not need to be out there for the world to see. Once you post a picture on the internet that’s it, its forever out there. I believe that social media is new and different in that way because it allows people to not get reprimanded for their actions. Its also a way to exercise our freedom we have here in the United States.

In what ways is social media something that has always been around?

The fact that social media is a way of communicating, it has somewhat been around for ages. Even before the internet there were TV’s and people were able to watch their shows and then later on discuss it with co workers, family or friends at a later time. That too had everything to do with social media. Now, that process is faster and more efficient, I can be on skype with my best friends and we are able to discuss out favorite show at the same time as we watch it together. So in a way social media has always been around.

To what extent does social media require new skills and capabilities for organizations?

Technology is always advancing therefore making it mandatory for companies constantly retrain and develop their employees skills. A company’s employees must stay up to date with the latest technology and its functions in order for that company to stay successful. If not, their competitors surely will and they might end up going out of business. That is way it is imperative for employers to keep up on their training and development programs with both new and seasoned employees because technology is extremely fast paced.

Ethical Considerations in Social Media, Public Opinion and Fake Online Identities

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I think that governments and corporations should take into consideration that they are lying to the American population. They are identifying themselves as something that they are not. Also, it is an invasion of privacy to others who are not aware of what is going on. With this going on the American society has not privacy among them. The government now knows what ins and out of our daily lives because majority of Americans spend most of their time on social websites and personalizing them allowing people to be able to see where they are at that very moment and their next move.

Yes, I strongly believe that creating online personas go too far. Yes, I agree that it might help stop terrorism but when it starts affecting the privacy and it begins to contradict us being a liberal society.

I believe that instead a corporation going behind its employees back and spying on them by creating fake online personas, it should be in the company employee’s manuals and it should be a strict policy within that company rather than acting unethical. In terms of the government, I don’t know of a better way for them to go about it but they should at least alert the Americans any maybe by doing so it would eliminate fraudulent behaviors they might be looking for.

If the government continues to do so it should be targeted at both the US citizens and the “foreign foes” because there are bad people no matter if you were born in the US or in another country.

Social Commerce

The first thing that came to my mind after reading Craig Donato was Zappos. Why Zappos? Because they are a prime example as to why it is essential for people to communicate effectively to see promising results. They communicate with their customers different than most online shoe companies do. They do not have scripts therefore everything said is unscripted. When I went on their website they had a video of someone modeling the shoe I was debating about purchasing therefore allowing me to make up my mind easier. The company promises free, four-day delivery. But most of the time it delivers next-day service, a surprise that leaves a lasting impression on customers. Customer loyalty continues to increase because their communication with customers is always improving.

Personally speaking, before I purchase anything on line I do a significant amount of research and I also read majority of the reviews that the product might have. So I rely on what other people say about a product that I might be interesting in. So with that said, I totally agree with Craig Donato statement about “… Customers are the trusted network, the community that surrounds a business. By taking care of your customers, you not only deepen those relationships, but you also fuel referrals.” People who shop online rely on each other when trying to decide if they are going to buy that product or not. I know I surely do.

Jamaica Its Been Too Long

Who you gonna call??

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I believe social media plays and should continue to play a major role in emergency response because it is so time efficient and the volume usage of social media is so heavy that is would be absurd not to continue using it. The recent Tsunami in Japan is a prime example of the usage of social media during an emergency response. Families are who have loved one in Japan are using social websites such as Facebook and twitter to find their loved ones.  With such a large scale disaster, getting charitable donations and relief aid to affected areas is critical – and with the aid of websites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube raising awareness with various messages, groups and blogs, the opportunities to raise significant funds are increased.  Social media outlets like Twitter give victims a voice to be heard so people like us over here in the United States who are not affected by the disaster can get a closer feel of how these people are feeling rather than just seeing images on the news.

If I were in a disaster I would turn to Facebook and twitter as a way to reach out to loved ones or help if other ways of communication were not applicable. News spread fast using these websites because millions of people can view you Facebook page and comment rather than talking on the phone which the most you can do is talk 3-way. But to be completely honest, I would probably contact 911 first before I would turn to Facebook to twitter because it is just natural to do so in times of disaster.