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Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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Here are 3 of my favorite things:


Since the time my mom poured me a cup of coffee for the first time, even though it was 80% milk and only 20% actual coffee, I loved it. As I grew older, drinking coffee became a routine and adding milk started being less popular. You can always spot me saying: “May I have a small latte, please” at the Starbucks counter or at home putting a Lavazza K-cup into my Keurig. Coffee is not just a drink. Going for coffee became one of my favorite things to do with my friends and I still remember talking and laughing for hours at a small “10 Italian” cafe in Richmond, VA.


Playing tennis has been like taking a 5-year long class: challenging but fun. I’ve played tennis all throughout high school and was lucky to become the captain for the last 2 years. Seeing my team work hard and achieve goals they set for themselves was one of the greatest feelings. My teammates became my family and I feel like a “proud mom” whenever I hear about their accomplishments. I was happy to take on a role as an Assistant Coach  for the past 2 summers and got to work with kids as young as 6 years old. It was an experience that taught me time management, patience, and resistance to 100 degree heat!

Overall, the game of tennis has helped me grow into a mentally strong individual with the ability to handle failure as I lost matches again, again, and again.  My coach, Darius, has become my role model. He taught me the importance of discipline both on and off the court. I still remember him saying, “You are too good to allow yourself to miss shots”.  I learned what it means to work hard, stay motivated, and keep going until you become the player and a person you want.


A couple of months ago I started a personal fashion & lifestyle blog for which I write, shoot, and edit. I want to inspire people to experiment with their style in an affordable manner. My ultimate goal is to create a platform that will be my audience’s #1 place to seek advice and ideas on all things fashion. Check it out:

8 thoughts on "Coffee, Tennis, and Blogging"

  • Yousef AlKhorafi says:

    Hi Anastasia! Seems you have such an interesting talents. I used to play tennis, couple years ago, but I wasn’t that professional. However, we have a common interest, which is photography. I usually take photos while traveling but I’m going to take a step further in this field and make it my career. I believe every marketer should have a photographic sense and be interested in photography, because it helps so much on how to market a certain product or a place. Best Regards!

    1. Hi Yousef!

      It is so interesting that you are planning to make photography your career – I wish you best of luck! I know that photography will help both of us in our careers and bring more creativity to projects. It’s a wonderful form of art.


  • Alice Shvartsberg says:

    Hello Anastasia,

    I saw from your profile that Russian is your native language and it was also my first language as well; my family is from Moscow. As for your interests, I am also a coffee fanatic. I do not think I could go a day without a cup of coffee! In addition, the pictures you have posted on this page are really great! I especially like the one of the ocean. I myself took a few photography classes in high school and really enjoyed them. Overall, I think all of your talents will definitely make you a person of interest to companies.


    1. Hi Alice,
      What a small world we live in – always nice to know a fellow Russian! Thank you for your compliment on my artwork. Some of these pictures are from a while ago. I remember taking the ocean picture, waiting for the perfect moment. If you ever feel like having just another cup of coffee I’d love to join.


  • Ted Siciliano says:

    Hey Anastasia,
    I saw you are a marketing major so that is how I saw your profile. I saw that you are also interested in photography I think that is awesome! I also really enjoy photography a few years ago I gave using my digital camera and went film when I got my Leica and have had so much fun and photography is also a skill that can help us in marketing. I’m also a fellow coffee fan

    1. Hi Ted,
      I became a little familiar with film while completing an internship in a local photo gallery 2 years ago. Even with my limited knowledge, film is truly one of the most interesting materials to use. I can definitely agree with the fact that photography is a useful skill in marketing. Hope you are having a great semester!

      Best regards,

  • Jennavier Frisby says:

    Your photography is beautiful! I love seeing competence mixed with something more whimsical, like your love of coffee. I don’t drink it myself, but hearing you describe it makes me want to start!

    1. Jennavier,

      Thank you so much for your compliment! I definitely suggest trying coffee. Instead of going to Starbucks, however, try a small coffee shop downtown – those are usually the best ones. I wish you good luck in your coffee adventure. Feel free to let me know how it goes!


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