Resume draft due next Wednesday, 9/21

The resume draft is due next Wednesday, 9/21.  You can email it to me or hand it in during class next week.  For those of you that have been CSPD’d please hand in a copy of your critiqued resume so that you can get credit for the assignment.  Remember that today is the day that your Foxnet profile needs to be completed.

Resume Development

Today we have resume development with CSPD.  If you have already attended this workshop outside of class you do not need to attend today.   RESUME DEVELOPMENT PACKET MIS

Getting Started workshop with CSPD

Today was the Getting Started workshop with CSPD.  Please make sure that your Foxnet profile is completed by next Wednesday (9/14). The following will take you to the packet for FOXNET GETTING STARTED

Seniors–Please remember the Senior Reception on September 21 from 10am-1pm in Mitten Hall, Great Court.  Dress is professional and you must be CSPD’d to attend.

Mock Interview Time Slots

On November 2 you will be participating in mock interviews.  I will need 12 volunteers for that day to do their mock interview during the free period before.  Remember that you only need to come for your slotted 20 minutes that day.  Once your interview is over, you are done for the class for that day.  Below are the time slots.  If you are able to do one of the free period times please email with the time you would like.  It will be on a first come, first serve basis.

November 2

12:10-12:30 pm

12:35-12:55 pm

1:00-1:20 pm

1:25-1:45 pm

How to subscribe to the class blog

There is a plug-in available for subscribing to the class blog. If you activate the plug-in you will then receive an email whenever an update or new post has been made. To activate this go to your dashboard, click on plug-ins on the left hand side and select activate under the plug-in ‘subscribe2′. Then under ‘users’ on the left hand side select ‘subscriptions’. Add the Professional Development Strategies-Fall 2011 blog and the categories to your list of subscriptions. You should be all set to receive updates now via email. If you need help please stop by and see me in Speakman 210.

Professional Development Strategies Syllabus

Welcome to BA 2101 section 006 for MIS Majors. This site will be updated frequently with speakers names and bios as well as any schedule changes. Be sure to check back for updates. The following is the syllabus for the course. This will also be updated if there are any schedule changes.  BA2101 (MIS) Syllabus -

Welcome to BA 2101, Fall 2011. We will be using this site for all course related materials. Please bookmark this page and make sure to sign up for the RSS feed.
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