All coursework due on April 25

All remaining assignments are due on April 25.  This includes the career research assignment, having your final resume critiqued by CSPD and meeting with Mart Doyle for your career counseling.  I will request attendance lists from AIS, CSPD, and Mart on April 26 in order to do grades.

IT Awards

To register for the IT Awards please visit

Assignments due

Your one page reflection paper from your mock interview is due tomorrow.  Please check the syllabus for the other assignments that are due by April 25.  CSPD will be visiting us tomorrow for their final session.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are Wednesday, March 28.  Please be on time for your interview and dress is business professional.  If you show up late or in anything but business professional dress a letter grade will be deducted.  If you do not show up at all you will not receive credit for the assignment.  The interviews are being held in the CSPD office, Alter 134.  You are only required to show up for your assigned time.  Class will not be held.

The schedule is here BA 2101 Mock Interviews

The interviewer bios are here interviewer bios  Please do research on the person and the company before you come to your interview.  Remember to have questions ready to for the interviewer as well and bring your resume with you.


I also requested a copy of your most recent (hopefully CSPD’d) resume to pass on to the interviewers.  They like to review them before they come.  Please send that to me ASAP.


e-portfolio assignment

4 people still have not completed the e-portfolio assignment.  today is the last day to receive partial credit for the assignment.  Please check the gradebook to see if you are missing a grade for this.

Alum Panel 3/21

Tomorrow we will have two recent alumni visiting us to discuss life after graduation.  Please be prepared with questions that you have about life right out of school.  Our guests are:

Michael Luckenbill, LiquidHub

Anthony Bubel, Automattic

Interview Basics

The following is the packet that we will be going over in class tomorrow with CSPD.  You may want to print it out and bring with you.  BEI – WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID – 2012-2

e-portfolio assignment due wednesday

Your e-portfolio is due wednesday.  As mentioned in class, this is the only assignment that you can receive partial credit for.  You should make sure that you have a business professional headshot or picture on the main about page along with a blurb about yourself (similar to the 30 second spot).  You should include your resume (in Fox format), other samples of class work (does not only have to be MIS coursework), an interests/hobbies/volunteer section, a work experience section with detail.  Also make sure that you remove any unused menu items or categories that are on the sides.  You want it to look clean and easy to navigate.  Please test all links and documents before you submit to ensure everything opens correctly and so you do not lose points. 


If you are already listed on the e-portfolio site, please recheck your work and send me your link via email by wednesday.  If you are not on the site already, please submit your e-portfolio using the e-portfolio site on the community site.  Once you submit it, I will receive an email from the system asking me to review it.

30 second spot critique

Please remember that your 30 second spot critique is on Wednesday.  Practice and be prepared.  Dress is casual. Come as you are.  Our guest for that day will be Niraj Patel.  Please review his bio as we will have a few minutes at the end for questions probably. Bio of Niraj Patel

If you would like me to review your 30 second spot prior to class wednesday, please send it to me via email and I will give you my feedback.  Remember to make it unique to yourself.  The whole idea is that the person will remember you when you walk away from them or, if time allows, that the conversation will continue on.

Career Planning Session

On Wednesday we will have two guests that will talk BRIEFLY about their background and IT in general.  Based on feedback from past classes, I will be leaving most of the time open for you to ask them questions about the industry, their work experience, IT in general etc.  Please come prepared with questions to ask.  Their bios are below.  Remember that attendance and participation is part of your grade.

Bruce Fadem  Fadembio

Joseph Spagnoletti  Bio-Spagnoletti – Jan2012

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