About Me



I’m a person who is driven by success and who works hard.  I have a track record of working in small companies and leading them towards success. On the surface I am a finance geek, someone who loves numbers, but if you dig a little deeper, I’m someone who enjoys small companies and is passionate about helping them grow.  During my tenure at FierceMarkets I was able to apply this passion to creating the finance, accounting and HR department.  Over the years, FierceMarkets quadrupled in size and through trial and error, I developed an understanding of how to create something and make it flourish.  I have a nack for foreseeing problems with a big picture perspective, but also can drill down into the details to develop a strategic solution.  Through the FOX MBA program, I am currently working to expand my expertise and develop a greater understanding of the different aspects of business.  I’m excited about broadening my knowledge base because it is transforming me into a more well-rounded business woman.  Someone who is ready to move past the finance department and play an integral role in laying the framework for a small company and leading it down the path to success.