Keep innovating, Google!

In the summer of 2004, while just starting as an intern at FierceMarkets, a coworker sent me an invitation to create a Gmail account and I’ve been following Google in some way, shape, or form, ever since.  It often appears as though everything that the company slaps its name on or develops turns to gold and every market it enters, it dominates.  Although this case reads a bit like the Wikipedia page of Google, it’s interesting to read the in-depth history of a company that I personally find intriguing.

What I found the most interesting is how Google is such a prime example of a company that does things correctly.  Google has never type casted itself as a search engine company (read more about Ted Levitt and Marketing Malpractice in my previous post).  Instead “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible to all.”  In addition, Google understands the importance of a shared value and vision and lives and breathes it.  Extremely important decisions are routinely based on the philosophy of “don’t be evil.”  It truly impresses me that the company, which Fortune placed 2nd on its 2011 list of most admired companies, so closely follows the strategies that I am currently learning about as an MBA student.

Google seems to be doing nearly everything right, but being on top today does not ensure future success.  Being on top means you must constantly fight to stay on top.  The case asks what Google should do next and the clear answer to continue innovating.  To date Google has been so successful because it has constantly changed and improved and developed and created.  As long as the company can continue to hire the right people and focus on constant innovation, it will continue to be successful.

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