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Craig Kestecher


Major: Management Information SystemsIMG_0955

Minor: Finance

Graduation: January 2019

GPA: 4.0

Hello and welcome to my e-Portfolio!

My name is Craig Kestecher and I am a student at the Fox School of Business at Temple University.  I am pursuing a BBA in Management Information Systems (MIS) with a minor in Finance.

This past summer I worked for a presidential campaign, after which I spent two months interning with a technology company in Israel. I gained vast insight into two very different professional paths; however, both provided me with the experience needed to kick-start my career.

Additionally, I have always lived an active lifestyle. Previously, I worked as a manager on an animal training farm. This position has helped me to develop versatile skills, including understanding the importance of reliability and time management. Furthermore, my dedication and integrity motivates me to produce results which are above and beyond what is expected.

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  • IBIT small group meeting with industry
    Fall 2016, Spring 2017