New architecture and server configuration

The new architecture and server configurationĀ of the FoxMIS Community site is more scalable, higher performance, and more secure. The main Community site is now running on a powerful box as a virtual server that is configured to receive the highest server resource priority when there is a spike in usage. The box has been upgraded with increased memory and dual network interface cards. The box has a 1 GBPS connection to the net – which is the highest bandwidth available. The site is running the current version of WordPress (3.1) and the latest compatible versions of Apache and PHP. Apache has been custom configured to optimize performance. The database (MySQL) has been configured on a separate virtual server. This will allow us the flexibility to scale performance as usage increases and is a more robust and secure architecture. The database and application servers are connected with a secure high speed internal network.

A new server has been created on a separate box to support special projects. This server (termed “project”) will also run an optimized version of WordPress but it will be able to support unique URL’s for each blog that is located on the site. This will allow faculty and students to create custom servers for special projects.

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