MIS 2102.003 – Joe Instructor – Spring 2013

Creating and sustaining a community

The Temple Community Platform focuses on the complete educational experience such as relationships, networking, serendipity, engagement, curiosity, and openness. In comparison, most learning systems only focus on the one way transmission of knowledge. To fully leverage the platform will require a different way of thinking. To get started, you should:

  1. Create a personal avatar – picture – (login, Click My Account, and then Profile) and also provide your interests. Ask your students to do the same. Communities are formed when people can see each other.
  2. Create a personal site, all MIS majors have such sites, called e-portfolios. All faculty also have sites. Communities are sustained when people can learn more about each other.
  3. Encourage comments on all aspects of the course, not just the formal discussion questions. Commenting is integrated into every aspect of the software, use it. Communities are sustained when they can question each other.
  4. Look at the community and your impact. For example, you can see all the members, all the activities, and every site including every course. Curiosity about each other is what sustains a community.
  5. Learn more. Click here for a short slideshow and go to the home page of the site and scroll down to the right and click on current courses or just click through all the activity! Do more than teach, provide a complete experience!

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Replace this widget with the 'Recent Comments" widget to display the most recent comments on the site. This is useful if you intend to encourage online commenting and discussion and it allows all the participants to see the latest posts easily and creates a sense of freshness to the site. 


Replace this widget with the "Recent Posts" widget to display the most recent posts on the site. This is useful for students if you intend on posting items on a regular basis. 


Replace this widget with the "RSS widget" to display the most recent news from the main MIS site. This will create a sense of community among students. 

After you have dragged the RSS widget over, use the following RSS feed URL: http://community.mis.temple.edu/blog/category/News/feed/


Replace this widget with the "Blog subscriptions (Jetpack)" widget to allow students to get automatic email updates whenever you add a new post. 

See the post titled "Jetpack"  for more information