MIS 2102.003 – Joe Instructor – Spring 2013

Case study analysis

In addition to reading and preparing to discuss the assigned case studies, students will also prepare an in-depth analysis of two case studies during the semester. 


Summarize your analysis in a set of no more than 3 PowerPoint slides. Use the main slides to communicate the key points in a concise and direct manner. You may use the “notes” section on PowerPoint to add more detail and justification. Do not fill the main slides with text. The slides should include:

  • Specific details about the key facts and problems of the case study.
  • Discussion on how specific issues in the case have broader application and to the class materials.
  • A balanced perspective which explains both the rationale for a recommendation (the why) as well as its feasibility (the how). Well-considered recommendations include discussion of potential threats to success as well as rationale for an organization’s ability to overcome them.

The process for submitting your case study analysis is as follows:

  • Submit the case study analysis via email to me (at XXXX) – no later than the day the case study is to be discussed in class. The file should be in Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt or pptx) format.
  • Please bring the case to class on a flash drive and also bring a printout and make sure you hand it to me before the class starts. You may be asked to lead a discussion about the case using your slides.
  • Late submissions will not receive assignment credit.

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