MIS 2102.003 – Joe Instructor – Spring 2013


Instructor dashboard

The “Instructor dashboard” is available when you navigate to the dashboard of any site on Community. It is under the Activity Widget on top right. If you want, you can re-arrange these widgets so that the Instructor Dashboard is the first thing you see. If you do not see this widget, let Manoj know at chacko@temple.edu and he can enable it for you. The features include:

About: Shows your details as it appears in the faculty page.

Gradebook: Allow you to manage the gradebook feature from the dashboard. For your courses to be added to the Gradebook, Add them under courses->Add course

  • View Grade: Allows you to view the uploaded grades from all sections.
  • Upload Grades: Allows you to upload grades to the current courses.
  • Gradebook Instructions: Instructions on how to upload.

Courses: Shows all your courses that has been listed under the community course links past and current. For your courses to appear in this list, it needs to be added under courses->Add course. Only current courses can be added.

  • Current: Shows the current courses.
  • Past Courses: Shows all the Past courses.
  • Add Course: Adds courses in to gradebook as well course links on the front page.
  • Participation Analysis: Complete Post/Page/Comments Analysis on your particular course site. It also allows you to Export for more detailed analysis later.

View Students: View And Email Students, requires a class roster to be uploaded to gradebook.

  • View Students: Allow you to view students with  avatars, points, Major/Minor Information/
  • Email Students: Allows you to send email to the students



Jetpack is a collection of widgets created by the people who run WordPress.com. It includes widgets for:

  • Social sharing (so you can have the LinkedIn and Facebook like buttons on your site)
  • Subscriptions (so that students get an automatic email each time you post on your site)
  • Simple site statistics (that tell you which pages are being used the most)
  • Media integration (so you can easily embed YouTube videos)
  • Twitter integration (so you can display a twitter feed)
  • Contact form (so you can easily create a special form for students to fill in)
  • and many more.

To use Jetpack, do the following:

  1. Go to your Dashboard and click on Plugins, find “Jetpack by WordPress.com” in the list, and click “Activate”
  2. You will then see a message on the top of your screen, that says “Jetpack is almost ready…”. You need an account on WordPress.com to use Jetpack (click here to create one). Link your account.
  3. You are now ready to use Jetpack. Click on Jetpack on the top left of your dashboard, to configure all the options/widgets. Many of the widgets don’t need any further setup. They will be available in your list of widgets (including the “Subscribe” widget).

Replace this widget with the 'Recent Comments" widget to display the most recent comments on the site. This is useful if you intend to encourage online commenting and discussion and it allows all the participants to see the latest posts easily and creates a sense of freshness to the site. 


Replace this widget with the "Recent Posts" widget to display the most recent posts on the site. This is useful for students if you intend on posting items on a regular basis. 


Replace this widget with the "RSS widget" to display the most recent news from the main MIS site. This will create a sense of community among students. 

After you have dragged the RSS widget over, use the following RSS feed URL: http://community.mis.temple.edu/blog/category/News/feed/


Replace this widget with the "Blog subscriptions (Jetpack)" widget to allow students to get automatic email updates whenever you add a new post. 

See the post titled "Jetpack"  for more information