I started dancing during my senior year of high school and loved it ever since. Dancing gives me an outlet to express myself outside of academics and gives me an opportunity to utilize my creative side. Being one who seeks self-improvement and different perspectives, dancing was the perfect hobby for me to choose. Among my academics, I continue to practice breakdancing weekly and hold two positions in the Temple Bboys Club.

Here is a clip of me practicing flares:




I am the first in my family to learn and play music. I started my musical journey with the clarinet when I was nine years old. I took music very seriously and went to a private music school where I attended three times a week. My passion for music led me to become the 1st chair clarinetist throughout my high school years.

Wanting to be challenged further musically, I learned guitar and bass when I was thirteen years old. I immediately fell in love with both instruments and after 5 years of self-teaching, I played for my high school’s Jazz Ensemble as a Bassist.

Here is a clip of one of my greatest inspirations in jazz and in the theory of music, Bill Evans:





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