Ladies, GET COMFY!

Are you tired of walking around the house with jeans and uncomfortable while cleaning the house and watching the children?  Well you can change that by purchasing these yoga pants for only $5.99.  From its original price of $29.99, you are saving close to 80% and you will enjoy a better life at home.  These cotton pants will allow you to move better and more comfortably.  Since they are cotton, there is no itching feeling and you can wash them with your other laundry without having to worry.  Since these are 95% cotton, there is a cool and comfortable feeling.  Along with the material of the pants is the 5% spandex which allows the pants to be stretched for maximum comfort.  With these pants, you will be able to walk around your come or even go to the local gym for a great workout.  Since they are form fitting, your will not have to worry about your pants falling.  Another great aspect of this product is that it comes in multiple colors.  If you want to match your outfit, you can choose from a variety of different colors that will allow you to mix and match your outfits.  Along with the colors, these pants also come in different sizes.  The best part about this deal is that the manufactures offer a 1 year warranty.  If the pants rip in the laundry, do not worry because the company will send you a free pair, FREE OF CHARGE!  If you would like to purchase this product please follow the link.

Prestige Edge Foldover Cotton Long Flare Yoga Pants (Choice of 3 Colors; 4 Sizes)

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