Deloitte’s Alternative Spring Break 2010

During spring break of 2010, I was a lucky participant in Deloitte and United Way‘s Alternative Spring Break Program.

For that year’s program, Deloitte and United Way teamed up to better the education system in Atlanta. 50 students from around the country were selected. I was one of two attendees from Temple University.

All of the students were divided into teams of eight, along with a total of four leaders from Deloitte and United Way. Each team was assigned a name – we were the Elephants! and most importantly, an assignment. Our team was set up to go to Teach O Rea daycare in Atlanta, a day care and learning center for children ages 0-10 that caters to low income families.

In the mornings, each of the students split up to go to one of the children areas. I chose the infant to two year olds. On average, the daycare had 3 babies and a toddler.

This was the play area of the infant room.

The next day was much messier. The daughter of the owner’s presides over the one – two year old area, and she likes to let the kids get messy! Naturally, I was quickly covered in shaving cream.

The next day, I spent time dancing with the two year olds! (much less messy!)

Wood chips! Through out the five days we worked with Teach O Rea, we rewoodchipped their entire playground. This was only one of the piles, and after four days of working on it!

We were able to use wheelbarrows to transport.

During the week, we also painted two classrooms. This is half of my team: Liz, Paolo, Jim, and myself, after we finished the blue classroom.

Another project we focused on while at the daycare was a gardening activity for the children. Since I run my own private garden care business during the summer, I took over instruction on how plant and care for seeds.

It was a fantastic week. Completing service projects with the same types of professionals I aspire to be was great. At the end, I felt our team really made a difference in the lives of the children, by giving them a safer playground and the ability to spend time with college students they can look up to.

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