The difference between real reviews and fake reviews that I noticed from various different websites was that real reviews are kept short and concise to the point and relates to their personal life. Whereas, the fake reviews are real long and lengthy. It takes up 1-2 pages just to read a single review.

Here is an example of a real review on Amazon.com for Macbook Pro:










Here is an example of a fake review on Amazon.com for Macbook Pro:











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The multivitamin is better to take after you breakfast in the morning. Even if your diet is perfect, there are somethings lacking and that something is your multivitamin. Taking a multivitamin is one quick way to stop a vitamin deficiency from occurring. Vitamins and minerals help our brain to function better. This helps us to achieve mental clarity which can be used throughout the day. It has proven by some studies that it can prevent cancer and other cardiovascular diseases. The multivitamin that I recommend is by Universal/Animal called Animal Pak. Another vitamin you can take is Centrum that is only one pill in the morning as oppose to 12 pills in Animal Pak.

Animal Pak

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Fish Oil!

If you’re looking to maximize muscle building and fat loss or you’re simply looking to take the best supplement, fish oil is the way to go. You must add this to your daily routine. You can take fish oil pills anytime of they day but it has to be after a meal. Fish oil is a form of fatty acid that is derived from the tissues of oily fish. It contains the omega-3 fatty acids. It prevents you from having joint pains and problems. Fish oil is also good because it prevent you from having future heart problems or if your at currently at risk of heart problems, fish oil will be very beneficial to you. The fish oil that I would recommend is Animal Omega because it gives you all of the amount of the nutrition that you need in one day. One big complaint that I hear is fish burps and you do not get that with this product so I recommend it.

Fish Oil

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Pre-Workout Supplement!

If your wondering what a pre-workout supplement is, I will inform you of it. Pre-workout supplement will give you more energy if your feeling lethargic at the gym. Some of the ingredients used are Vitamin C, creatine monohydrate, and most important ingredient of all is caffeine.  There are many pre-workout supplements available on the market such as C4, 1MR, and SuperPump Max. The one I would recommend out of all the preworkout supplements is SuperPump Max because I have been on and off of it for 2 years and I would recommend it for first time users. It gives you great pump and comes at a very affordable price compared to the rest. Flavor to choose: Pink Lemonade!


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Motivational Video

Kai Greene Motivational Video- Champion of Mind

Gym Buddy!

One of the main reasons people do not go to the gym to workout is because lack of motivation. An easy solution to this problem is a gym buddy. If one has another to motivate and push them out of the house and get them to workout, it can change their lives to a healthier lifestyle. For example, if one does not want to go to the gym, one phone call can change their mind and make them go rather than going because of laziness. Gym buddies are not just there for motivation, their there to help push more weight and build muscle. For example, spotting can be done only by another person because you cannot spot yourself and get that extra rep in to finish your set. If someone is there watching you, it will also prevent an injury or fatality from too much weight.

Gym Buddy

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There are a lot of ways to do cardio but there are only 3 that are mainly used in a gym setting. Those are treadmill, elliptical, and stair-master. If I was going to rate the most effective to the least effective, I would have to say it would go in this following order. I personally use stair-master to burn off body fat. I use treadmill to give me change of pace. On the days where my energy is low, I gravitate towards the elliptical. Cardio is a great way to stay in shape even if you do not lift weights. It is also good for your heart because it opens up a lot of different blood vessels to flow into your heart. If you want to burn fat, you should keep your heart rate low so this way your not losing muscle. But if your going only for cardio, you could do fast pace but this way you will lose weight but also lose muscle.


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There are many tools that you can use to protect yourself during an intense workout. The first thing you will need is a proper footwear. Make sure when you do any exercise, the shoes you wear are flat from the bottom such a Chuck Taylor’s. Next, you can also use wrist-straps to get the tight grip on the weights so they will not slip from your fingers. The most common injury you could suffer while working out is your lower back. To avoid these problems, you could wear a weight lifting belt from further injuring yourself. One of the most common complaints from bodybuilders and non-bodybuilders is calluses on their hands and easy solution to this problem is wearing weigh lifting gloves.



Protein Shakes!

Drinking protein shakes is one of the major ways you can build muscle. There are 3 times that you could drink protein shakes. One time in the morning, another one during the afternoon for a meal replacement, for the last and most important time to drink protein shake comes right after your workout. Protein also helps with the recovery process of your muscle tearing and rebuilding. You should atleast consume protein same as your body weight. So for each 1 lb of weight=1 gr of protein. Other sources of protein could come from meats such as chicken, steak and fish.

Protein Shake

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Water is very critical to your body. Many people do not understand the benefits of water, and therefore do not meet their daily recommended intake. While you workout, you should always drink water after every set to keep you hydrated and your muscles full. Me personally I like to atleast drink a gallon a day. I tend to drink half gallon when I eat my meals and the other half when I workout. If im really thirsty someday, I might even drink more than a gallon because it never hurts to drink alot of water. Water sure does a lot, which is why when the body has too little water the effects are devastating. Water loss, dehydration, occurs when the loss of body fluids exceeds the amount that is taken in. With dehydration, more water is moving out of our cells and then out of our bodies than the amount of water we take in through drinking.


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