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Director of Research Projects and Reports, Institute for Business and Information Technology
Fox School of Business, Temple University
207G Speakman Hall (006-00)
1810 N. 13th Street,  Philadelphia, PA 19122
Phone: 215-204-3078
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Research Highlights:

Turn to video games for guidance building your business application interface

Video games are changing the ways in which we interact with technology. The next generation of corporate employees, having grown up using iPhones and Playstations, will have a different set of expectations regarding software usability. Yet, few gaming interface innovations have made inroads into mainstream business applications. This report will illustrate a set of best practices based on an analysis of 29 video games. [download report]
Reference: Schuff, D., Oguekwe, U., Rushi, N., McAghon, M., and Nuschke, P., “Next Generation Business Application Interfaces: Lessons from Video Games,” The IBIT Report (January 2012).

Simpler not necessarily better when it comes to understanding what’s in your data warehouse

The conventional wisdom since the mid-1990s is that the star schema’s graphical simplicity made it the best way to deliver data to end users, allowing users to figure out what was in a dimensional data warehouse. However, we found users were no better at identifying information available to them in the star schema than the normalized alternative once the diagrams become complex. The implication: a technical staff still needs to assist untrained business users.
Reference: Schuff, D. and Corral, K., and Turetken, O., “Comparing the Understandability of Alternative Data Warehouse Schemas: An Empirical Study,” Decision Support Systems 52(1) (December 2011). pp. 9-20.
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