David Schuff

Professor and Chair


The Benefits and Costs of Using Metadata to Improve Enterprise Document Search

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Is That All There Is? Taking Education to New Levels in the Social Media Era

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Comparing the Understandability of Alternative Data Warehouse Schemas: An Empirical Study

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Web 2.0 and Politics: The 2008 U.S. presidential election and an e-politics research agenda

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Designing Systems that Support the Blogosphere as a Public Sphere

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Price Dispersion in an Online Retail Marketplace

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What makes a helpful online review? A Study of Customer Reviews on Amazon.com

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Taking a Flexible Approach to ASPs: Recommendations to Vendors for the Small Business Market

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Improving the Peer Review Process with Information Technology

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The impact of context-aware fisheye models on understanding business processes: An empirical study of data flow diagrams

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A Multi-Attribute, Multi-Weight Clustering Approach to Managing ‘E-Mail Overload’

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Supporting Systems Analysis and Design Through Fisheye Views

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A Method for Developing Dimensional Data Marts

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Centralization versus Decentralization of Application Software

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Subscript-Free Modeling Languages: A Tool for Facilitating the Formulation and Use of Models

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European Journal of Operational Research. 123(3) (June 16, 2000). pp. 614-627.

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