About Me

My name is Drew Sheaffer. I was born and raised in Lititz, Pennsylvania, a small town in northern Lancaster County. I graduated from Warwick High School in 2009.

I am currently a senior at Temple University. I began my studies as an architecture major at The Tyler School of Art. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the rigorous program, I quickly discovered that I had made the wrong decision and subsequently transferred to the Fox School of Business. I am now enrolled as a marketing major and plan on declaring a minor in MIS or accounting. Although my first decision proved to be wrong, my second decision was perfect. Fox has offered many incredible opportunities and I thoroughly enjoy the classes I have taken thus far.

In addition to attending Temple University, I work as an Assistant Manager at Penn Cinema, a multiplex in Lancaster County, PA. This position has made me a huge movie fan. Every week I take advantage of the opportunity to watch the big new releases. I also thoroughly enjoy playing sports. Throughout high school I played soccer which taught me the importance of hard work and team work. Although I no longer participate in organized sports, I still enjoy playing various sports with family and friends.

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