Professional achievement points

Receive up to 150 professional achievement points for building and updating an e-portfolio. There are two opportunities to receive points.

Basic e-portfolio (100 points)

  • Create a new e-portfolio at the end of MIS 2101 and enhance during MIS 2501.
  • This basic e-portfolio should include the following items:
    • Appropriate business professional picture
    • Resume in MIS format and available in PDF
    • Coursework listed
    • Interests listed
    • Work experience listed
    • Professionally formatted with no typos
    • Include the professional achievement widget
    • Make sure to have an avatar on your profile
  • To receive the points, please submit your e-portfolio for listing in the Community e-portfolio search engine. If the e-portfolio is approved, you will automatically receive 100 points.

Advanced e-portfolio (50 points)

  • Significantly update and enhance your e-portfolio. The best time to do this is after you have completed an internship or a significant number of courses in the curriculum.
  • The e-portfolio must meet the basic requirements listed above, plus at least five of the following:
    • Add a post that describes your coursework and how it relates to your career interest and preparation.
    • Include examples and descriptions of three or more projects from MIS or related courses.
    • ‘about’ page that describes who you are to a prospective employer, including your skills, background, and goals.
    • A description of what you did in an internship or part-time job and how that has enhanced your preparation and skills.
    • Describe at least two different events that you attended (in two separate posts). Describe what they were and how they might be interesting to a MIS professional or student and what you got from each event.
    • A PowerPoint presentation that you created that is relevant to MIS that is uploaded to slideshare (or other similar sharing service) and integrated into your site.
    • A YouTube video that you create and that is relevant to MIS and integrated into your site.
  • To receive the points, please submit your e-portfolio for review to If the e-portfolio meets the above requirements, you will receive 50 points.
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