Personal Interests

I am very much interested in the culinary world, with no restriction to a specific culinary style. I enjoy drawing inspiration from other chef’s cooking styles and matching flavors that others would never assume would work together. My favorite personal recipe: Roasted Red Pepper and Avocado Turnover accompanied by a Jamaican Curried Honey Dipping Sauce. You know when you have barely any food left in your cabinets and you think there is no complete meal in the house? That is my favorite time to cook because it forces you to innovate. Cooking really lets me get my creative juices flowing and that is what I love about it.

I recently completed the Broad Street Run here in Philadelphia (you can find my results here) as well as the Delaware Half-Marathon (you can find my results here). I am incredibly fascinated by the human body (also, trends in the fitness world in general) and its ability to go above and beyond its (self-imposed) limits. I would love to be able to do a triathlon one day, but we’ll see how I feel after these two races coming up first!

Also, I absolutely love the outdoors. If I could, I would spend the rest of my life camping (no, not in a trailer… in a tent) around the world.  My more realistic outdoor/camping goal is to hike the entire Appalachian Trail. In the Summer of 2010 I spent three weeks camping along much of the East Coast (Maryland to Florida) and I can very honestly say it was the best three weeks of my entire life (and that’s including getting lost canoeing through the alligator-infested Everglades and receiving a crippling sunburn for the efforts).

Lost & Happy In The Everglades

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