Too Close To Love



This week I found a great song by Alex Clare that spoke about the fear of getting to close to love someone. Why? Why is love such a frightening thing that many want to fight? Love is suppose to be a wonderful and joyous right? But we see  divorce rates skyrocketing and single parent homes doubling. What should be the outlook for someone who wants to find love but is surrounding by those who want to kill any root of love that might be sprouting?

When first listening to this song, I felt very sad for anyone who believes and thinks similar to the artist Alex Clare. When I observe those pushing away love, I know that something is inherently wrong. Somewhere in that persons upbringing, there was a disconnect of the understanding of love. As we move forward in today’s society, it is vital that artist like Clare place a positive image of love instead of destroying it at its roots! Are there some things we can personally do that helps us define love in terms of healthy relationships and not one that is full of infatuated lust?

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