Joyce Meyer – Trusting God When You Don’t Understand


Trade your questions for some trust. Wow…that is a deep. In this video by pastor Joyce Meyers, viewers are told this very statement, trade your questions for some trust. How can one who is going through so much, a loss of a job, a loss of a loved one, insecurities, terminal sickness, heartache, and pain just stop questioning and trust.

In today’s society, we are so use to get the answers to our everyday problems. Horoscope, therapists, and even relatives represent that “answer” factor that many of us need but when all of these things disappear, what is left? Quiet time with God. This blog posting is not to tell people that they MUST believe and trust in God because I am no one of position to command anyone to do anything. But I want people who come across this blog posting to think of their life in relation to building a unique and individual relationship with God.

Please watch this video and write down some key questions you have in your life right now. Have you done this? Now rip it up and ask God to help you with these questions.

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