Tied Up Love

Alarm: Wake up.

Hmm…5 more minutes
Sleep. 5 minutes later, a little upset that I have to wake up.
Left Leg out of bed, now Right foot. Upper body.
Brush Teeth, Take a shower, Get Dressed. Walk out of house.
Go to class, pay attention, do work. Leave class. Get food because I’m starving.
Eat food. FULL. Next thought, text Friends. No response yet? Go on Facebook, see whats happening.
Friends Text back. Link up. Laugh. Walking home, pretty late, Gets Robbed.
Tears stream from my face. I just got robbed. Everything is Gone. Phone, Wallet, I-pod.
Where were you God? Silence
Where were you God? Silence
Where were you God? He speaks:
Why are you asking of me now? You werent concerned about me until something bad happened to you.
Didn’t say good morning when you woke up.
Didnt Thank me for the legs I gave you.
Didnt text me to see how I was doing? You didnt even request my friendship on Facebook.
Didn’t even ask me to be with you  when you were walking home.
Isn’t it good that God never responds to us like this? He always loves us unconditionally. Even when we forget about him, he never forgets about us. This story is just to remind us not to wait for something bad to happen before we look for God. We should always be asking for his presence.

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