Real or Fake: Driving School Edition

Being 22 years old and not knowing how to drive is a hassle. $7.75 every week for a pack of tokens to take the septa, or having to save every penny left over to pay for a cab is definitely not the way to live (especially for a college student). So I decided to take a leap of faith and learn how to drive. But the problem was it was not that simple. My parents refused to teach me how to drive or even lend me their car on top of that, and all my friends who know how to drive are not the best teachers to depend on, so what was I left with: “Driving School.” Believe me, there is nothing wrong with driving school. On the contrary, I would prefer to learn how to drive from an expert, but the real problem¬† was how to find these experts and determine if they were really experts on the web.

This week in my social media class, I read this fantastic article the discussed the ways on how to locate fake reviews and it made me start thinking about my driving school quest. How will I be able to determine whether or not the reviews posted on these driving school websites were legitimate? How do I know that they are really as FANTASTIC as there websites say. So after reading the requirements to locate fake reviews, I decided to see if I could pin point some driving schools that definitely had fake reviews and Paul’s Driving School was one of the sites that I believe have paid reviewers. The reason behind this is because their reviews are on extreme polar opposites. There are many people praising this school but for those outliers that do not sing praises, you (as a reader) cant help but wonder if there is some truth to these negative reviews.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and test it out for myself. Where the reviews real or fake was the question in mind when I called into the driving school and booked an appointment. It was set for Sunday early afternoon and then the wait was on. Sunday quickly approached and waited for my driving school instructor to show up. He never did. No call or text stating a cancellation. Just like the negative reviews on the site said. Wow, I could not believe that the people who complained about unprofessional ism and horrible service were correct. Now I am able to see through the fluff and find the truth.


What about you? Has a situation like mine ever happened to you?

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