Business casual attire? You can still look amazing!

Welcome back to RUNWAY in Your Closet! I would like to thank all my followers for invaluable feedback and comments that you provided. It’s very encouraging to know that the viewers of my blog find it interesting, useful, and “attention-grabbing.” Thus, RUNWAY in Your Closet will not stop amazing you with fabulous outfit ideas and suggestions on how to get the best out of your closet. So, let’s continue our journey to a better YOU!

Most of us are probably working professionals or at least planning to become working professionals one day. Unfortunately, workplace is not exactly the “RUNWAY” place, where you can express yourself. When it comes to selecting outfits for work, you have to be very careful with the formality factor because your outfit can be either a “sell” or “fail.” As they say, it takes only a quick glance, maybe three seconds, for someone to evaluate you when you meet for the first time. The other person forms the opinion about you, your professionalism, your personality, your manners, and your potential success. One of the most important factors that people base their opinion about you is the way you are dressed. People who have lots of experience in the corporate world know that the way your present yourself for the first time equal the amount of value you will add to the company. Off course, it’s safe to wear a suit and maintain business professional style. However, people want to see your attire selection when you are given a little bit of freedom, so called business casual style. I’m going to demonstrate a couple of business casual ideas for your observation and comments:

When building your business casual attire, there is no room for such accessories as colorful belts, scarves, jewelry, or sexy shoes. This is not the place where you want to attract too much of attention and distract your coworkers. However, you should look neat, elegant, and interesting so that people would enjoy looking at you. You should also evaluate the work environment at your specific workplace. The reason why I’m pointing this out is that at some workplaces a short-sleeved shirt might need to be replaced with a three quarters sleeve shirt.

If you followed my previous posts, I talked about wardrobe necessities. Such necessities as a black pencil skirt, a blouse, seasonless dark pants, and a pair of black shoes – these items for the most part constitute business casual attire. So if you are a working professional, check out my “Wardrobe Necessities” post and you will always look your best at your workplace.

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