Interview with Social Media Specialist

Greetings, my dear followers. Today I’m going to cove a topic that is not really related to fashion, but definitely is relevant to all of you. If you are following my or anyone’s else blog, then most likely you have a certain level of interest in Social Media. Moreover, I’m sure that many of you have your own blogs or even websites. Thus, we all have something in common – an attempt to enhance our online presence and drive traffic to our online profiles. Recently I had a chance to speak with a young entrepreneur who recently graduated from Drexel and has a very feasible plan to start her own social media consulting company, Eva White. Eva shared some valuable experiences relating to social media management. She acknowledged that the execution of Social Media strategy can be very overwhelming and time-consuming. Thus, “it can never be your part-time activity.”  She also shared some valuable tips on effective social media management. First of all, she suggested to select a couple of blogs with quality and rich content that have a great amount of interaction with the followers. Second, constantly post quality content on your own blog or website to increase followers loyalty and make them trust your blog. It’s important to stay on the top of latest news and fresh material  - use Google Alerst, Google Reader, and AllTop for quality content curation. Finally, Eva recommended to never get obsessed with the amount of followers you have (especially on Twitter). There are so many Twitter accounts that offer you a gazillion of followers if you retweet their meaningless tweets. Never fall for that. Even though they will drive followers to your account, most of them have fake accounts and will never make a positive contribution to the content of your blog. In other words, Eva suggested to focus on quality followers, those who are sincerely interested in your topic and professionally established their online presence.

Hope you find Eva’s tips helpful. I certainly do.

GUCCI: Shanghai Fashion Show

Last week Gucci marked the release of the brands new ad campaign starring Chinese actress Li Bing Bing. Gucci brand held its first ever fashion show in China, showcasing the A/W 12/13 collection to a select Shanghai audience of 500, which was followed by a private Party on the Rock Bund at the Gucci Club.

I’ll be honest with you, I never was crazy about Gucci brand. Moreover, very rarely fashion shows present styles that can be carried outside of the catwalk. But this collection is absolutely BRILLIANT. Gucci presented so many styles that I can borrow and wear them in everyday life and on special occasions. Dresses, suite, skirts, shirts, shoes – everything looks spectacular. If you are seriously interested in fashion – this fashion show is an absolute must!!!

Why to Use Instagram?

Hello to everyone who is interested in my blog. One of the requirements for my class is to sign up for the services of most popular social media tools. As most of you probably know, Instagram gained a lot of popularity lately (just the fact that Facebook paid $300 million in cash and 23 million shares worth of stock for photo-sharing service Instagram Inc. indicates that this social media tool has a lot of potential). Since I’ve been using Instagram for a couple of weeks, I can surely describe how to better understand this service. Also, I can share how I find this tool useful and relevant to the content of my blog.
To begin with, all you have to do is download the Instagram app on your i-Pad or i-Phone, sign up with a valid email address to create your Instagram profile, take a picture or select a picture from your library, apply filters, and post. That’s it. You can also use hashtags to increase exposure to your picture. Sounds very easy, right? This photo-sharing tool is extremely user-friendly.
So, now when you have your Instagram profile, it’s time to think how Instagram might benefit you. If you are crazy about posting pictures and receiving lovely comments and likes – then you will love this app without my convincing. However, if you are a blogger or a social media geek – then you will find this app very helpful when building relationships with your followers, and giving them a chance to get to know you better. This amazing tool will help you connect with your followers, and, if you are promoting a brand, it has a great potential to increase traffic to your website, and ultimately translate into sales. Yes, it’s very powerful…besides, Facebook doesn’t buy crap…
Using this app for a blog is a great opportunity to share pictures full of life and color. Instagram’s gorgeous filtered effects make it happen.
Enjoy Instagramming

“A Match Made in Shoe Heaven”

Welcome back to RUNWAY in Your Closet! Today is a “Shoe Heaven” on RUNWAY blog, and I will show a very nice picture presenting most fashionable and comfortable shoes for every occasion. As we all probably know, buying fashionable extravagant shoes might temporarily lift us up, but in the long run they clutter our closets because we tend to wear comfortable shoes on daily basis. So why not buying shoes that are both, elegant and comfortable? You might probably think that such combination is not possible, and women have to always make a choice between style and comfort… Well, this assumption is definitely wrong, and the collection revealed by Ruelala at will prove you that shoes can be both comfortable and absolutely gorgeous. In fact, this collection, combined, for example, with an elegant cropped floral pants suite, will sharpen your style without unnecessary sacrifices. So, it’s possible to match comfort and elegance, which is obviously

“a match made in shoe heaven”

for every woman.

So, what do you think? Basic black, brown, or neutral – whichever color you choose, it will complete your look with a hint of elegance. The square-heeled mod sandals are going to be a leading trend this Spring. Isn’t this amazing? Tell us what you think, your feedback is important.

Handbags to Die for…

Hello to everyone who is interested in this blog. Recently I found some amazing handbags that any woman would be totally in love with. I would like to share these unbelievably beautiful handbags that would make your outfit spark.

All these bags serve the purpose of accessories and make your outfit stand out. The most appropriate occasion to wear them is a romantic evening, theatre, or any other classic event that would require an evening gown (preferably from vintage collection). If you are interested in additional styles of these amazing handbags visit
Thank you for following RUNWAY in Your Closet and enjoy these absolutely fabulous handbags.

Unworn items in your closet? Don’t give up on them!

Greetings to all RUNWAY in Your Closet followers. I’m sure most of us have a couple of things in our closets that we barely wear or perhaps never wore at all. Sometimes we might even think to give these items away because there is absolutely nothing to wear them with. Good news is that even these items can find their match in your closet.
I’m going to demonstrate two items that I did not wear for a while because nothing seemed to match them. A grey skirt and a grey pair of pants never caught my attention in my closet until I paired them up with a nice jacket, vests, and a pair of high heels. Turns out, every single piece of clothing can be of a good use! If you got it in the first place, then there should be something about it that caught your eye. Most likely these items need a fresh touch of nice accessories. Just do not give up them!

NYC Style Icon

Watch NYC Style Icon on “What to Wear.” Among three of them I would choose fabulous Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City.” I would say that the only reason why I watch this silly show is because of Carrie’s outfits and her amazing style. Off course, not many of us can afford such a level of obsession with cloths (especially shoes in Carrie’s case), but it’s really interesting to watch how good she styles and always maintains a different look. Watch the video and share your opinion about your Style Icon. Later in my posts I will upload a couple of best Carrie’s outfits to visually demonstrate how we share similar fashion views.

A convertable dress for multiple occasions

Welcome back to Runway in Your Closet. Thank you for your comments, and I hope you are enjoying our blog content. Recently I found a very engaging video that perfectly fits my fashion blog. The video is called “TWIST Wrap,” and it demonstrates a convertible dress that you can alter multiple ways and always look different. So let’s watch this fascinating video to get fresh ideas of different fashionable styles.

The Evolution of Fashion


One Skirt and Four Different Looks

Welcome back, RunWay in Your Closet followers. Today I’m going to demonstrate how you can build four outfits out of one skirt that often gets lost in your closet and seems not to be very useful.

As you can probably see, I use same clothes over and over again and create the illusion of different outfits with accessories and shoes. That’s it! You do not have to spend a fortune on new looks. Go to your closet and start accessorizing, and always look fabulous.