When should I take the FoxCLT?

It is encouraged for students to take the FoxCLT their incoming year at the Fox School of Business. Ultimately, it needs to be completed and passed prior to enrollment in MIS 2101.

I passed the FoxCLT. When can I register for MIS 2101?

Approximately 1-2 business days after you’ve successfully completed the FoxCLT, you should be able to register for MIS 2101 via Self Service Banner.

Approximately 3-5 business days after you’ve successfully completed and notified the administrator about passing the re-test, you should be able to register for MIS 2101 also via Self Service Banner.

If you cannot register after 5 business days, contact the FoxCLT admin at foxclt@temple.edu. 

What are my options if I didn’t pass the FoxCLT?

OPTION 1: Fox School of Business Computer Literacy Workshop

Sign- up for the FoxCLT Workshop, which will provide you with the basic computing skills necessary for success in the Fox School of Business.  This workshop will provide you with instruction on how to utilize Microsoft Office tools, as well as basic computer and Internet navigation skills. Upon successful completion of this FoxCLT Workshop you will be able to:  1. Successfully create documents, spreadsheets and presentations in Microsoft Office 2. Understand File Management on your personal compute 3. Be prepared to pass the Computer Literacy Test requirement 4. Receive a “Certificate of Completion”   The workshop will cost $70 and will be added to your tuition bill upon enrollment.  The workshop consists of two – 2 hour sessions for a total of four hours of workshop time plus additional practice in-between dates. The final hour of the second workshop will consist of taking the CLT; you will need to purchase an access code from the bookstore for this test.


OPTION 2:   Register and Take a Course

For students under Core Curriculum requirements: Register for CIS 1055, Computers & Applications, or CIS 0835, Cyberspace & Society, in the next semester available (course will satisfy Science B).  For students under GEN ED requirements: Register for CIS 0835, Cyberspace & Society, in the next semester (course will satisfy one of the GenEd Science & Technology requirements)

English is not my first language. Can I use a dictionary for this test?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to use anything for this test. This includes: dictionaries, e-dictionaries, websites, language translation pages, etc.

Is there a practice test available? Can I take it as soon as I buy my access code?

Yes, there is a practice test available. It is meant to familiarize you with the software within myitlab; however, you cannot take this practice test until the Computer Literacy Test session. If you register before the session, you will be unable to access the practice test because you do not have a course code. This course code will only be administered during the testing session.

If I have a Mac, is there another test that I can take?

Unfortunately, if you are a Mac user, you will still have to take the Windows operating system based test. Going over the Microsoft Office tutorials as well as playing around on a PC a couple of days before your scheduled test will definitely help your chances of passing.

I registered for the test and bought my access code. Is there anything else I need to do prior to the test?

Once you have bought your access code and registered for a testing session, you do not have to do anything until you are in the session. You will register your access code and set up an account during the testing session, prior to taking the practice test.

How can I see which test dates are available? What if none fit my schedule?

You can see which dates are available for testing two ways. There is a calendar on the homepage of this website. You can also view which dates are available by going to the registration site. If none of the dates available work for you, please email the Computer Literacy Test administrator at foxclt@temple.edu.

Do I need to buy the access code to take the test? Can I come to the test without it?

Yes, you will need to purchase the access code prior to entering the test. If you come to the test without the access code,  you will be asked to reschedule for another test date.

Will my advisor be notified of my results or should I tell them?

Your advisor will be notified of your results through the MIS department after passing the test.

For students taking the re-test: upon passing the re-test, you must e-mail foxclt@temple.edu, so that your results can be updated.