FOX MIS Research

FOX MIS Number 1As internationally and nationally recognized experts in their fields of study, Fox MIS faculty connect teaching and research, industry and academia, real-world experience, and theoretical constructs. The research is applied, reflects our integrative focus, and is published in premier outlets such as Management Information Systems Quarterly and Information Systems Research.

The vision of FoxMIS is to be a worldwide leader in transformative research and teaching on the design, use, and effects of information technology in a digital world. The research mission is to produce knowledge that fundamentally transforms the design and use of information technology by integrating multi-disciplinary perspectives.

Notable accomplishments

Areas of expertise

IT and strategy

  • Impact of IT Investments on Firm Performance
  • Dynamic and Improvisational Capabilities
  • IT Design and IT Innovation
  • ERP Implementation in Large Firms
  • Ideal CIO Reporting Structure
  • Open Product Sourcing
  • Business Intelligence / Analytics
  • IT Human Capital

E-Commerce and Internet technologies

  • Do Online Product Reviews Predict Sales? What makes Online Product Reviews Helpful?
  • Product Uncertainty in Online Markets
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Trust
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Virtual teams

Social media

  • Social media in organizations
  • Social media and Politics
  • Leadership in Social Networks
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Analytics
  • Peer influence on technology/product adoption
  • Large network analysis

Digital innovation and design

  • Design and evolution of digital artifacts
  • Digital platform strategy
  • Organizational genetics and the evolution of complex systems
  • Mobile and ubiquitous computing
  • Digital start-ups
  • Sensor networks and the internet of the things

Emerging Themes

  • Media Integration
  • Privacy and Security
  • Information overload and visualization
  • Neural Decision Making
  • Organizational Genetics
  • Gamification
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