My name is Gladys Guardia and I am a full-time undergraduate senior at the Fox School of Business at Temple University. I am double majoring in Management Information Systems and Human Resource Management. I think it’s incredible how much companies are evolving through data and how much time is being implemented on minimizing cyber security risks. I enjoy learning a little about everything and how everything fits into a bigger picture. I’m lucky enough to have been presented with various opportunities as a student and I am very grategul for those who have helped me and continue helping me grow as a professional. Check out my resume and contact me with any career opportunities!

In this E-portfolio I hope you will gain my development as a business student to a business professional. On the side you will find information about my academics, career interests and aspirations, as well as my personal interests and service work. Under “Work Experience” is my current resume. Thank you for taking the time to read.

Contact: gladys.guardia@temple.edu

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