Verizon Recognized for Military Recruiting

Verizon was recently recognized by Military Times EDGE and Civilian Jobs for having one of the best recruiting programs for military personnel. The rankings are based on the recruiting practices of companies when it comes to supporting military families in the community and their recruiting practices when it comes to veterans. Verizon has a special recruiting website to identify military people and has what they call Emergency Military Leave benefits. This is for National Guard members and those a part of the reserves. If at any time they are called into service Verizon allows them to leave while keeping their job. Verizon also makes up the difference between their Military base pay and their Verizon pay. So for example if you get back $3000 a month while working at Verizon, and you get called into service where you will be making $2000 a month Verizon will pay you the extra $1000 a month to make up for your lost pay. They also extend their healthcare benefits and all other benefits the employee normally receives. This can last up to 36 months (3 years) while the person is deployed. Over the past decade Verizon has done this for 1,650 employees that have been called into service.


I think this is huge for Verizon to do. Coming out of the military especially if you served on the front lines can be very hard because many people have a hard time adjusting back to society and finding a job. In some ways this correlates to the NFL where players have been playing ever since they were little and all of a sudden they retire and they no longer do it. Some people cannot handle the change that are both NFL veterans and military veterans and they end up taking their own lives. What Verizon does helps many military service members who are looking for jobs. A big thing that they do is offering those people in the reserves to be called in to serve for the military while still keeping their job which is important because the person knows the health care for their family is taken care of, the financial situation is much better, and they have a job when they get home. Overall it is great work by Verizon and more companies should adopt this stance.



Company Beats Discrimination Case

RJB Properties Inc. which is located in Illinois was being sued by previous employees for discrimination under Title VII. The employees claim that “RJB discriminated against janitors by asking them to mop floors, shovel snow, remove garbage, by not providing overtime opportunities, and by not promoting employees for jobs to which they never applied.” but the court did not agree. They did not agree with the employees and rejected the EEOC’s broad interpretation of Title VII.RJB Properties Inc. received a summary judgement in favor of them.


Overall I tend to agree with the court’s ruling. There comes a point when the definition of Title VII and discrimination can become much too broad and companies will be able to be sued over every little thing. I do not have the full background of the case, but asking janitors to mop floors and shovel snow sound like janitorial jobs. There is also a big difference between not providing overtime opportunities and not paying people who worked overtime. It sounds like the employees were just trying to get money out of the company whether it was overtime that the company did not want them to work or through suing them. It can be dangerous to have such a wide definition of the law that it causes companies to be afraid of harming anyone and a possible lawsuit.



Good Cop Bad Cop

This article that I found focused on a police officer in St. Cloud, Minnesota who is gay, but was only out to several colleagues in the department. Now like me preface this by saying in Minnesota it is illegal to discriminate against someone based on their sexual orientation…you can see where this is going. So at first when this guy referred to as “Paul” was hired he was a great person. “he was recognized by management as an “excellent officer,” who earned high marks on monthly performance reports. He also received letters of recognition and commendation for various accomplishments.” Now if I am living in that city that is how I want the police officers to be no matter if they are straight, gay, or in between. Starting around mid-2009 Paul started to feel like the department was making an effort to either have him kicked off of the force or for him to be retired. They would have him written up for past tardiness they would deny him to serve at various functions and would not even allow him to go to funerals in his uniform. Paul was forced to document what he did every minute while he was at work and was forced into a Performance Improvement Plan. In 2010 when he filed a complaint with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights he was suspended and treated even worse and eventually withdrew his claim, retired, and filed suit in a court. The court granted summary judgement for Paul which pretty much means the evidence was so overwhelming for Paul that he was discriminated against that the judge automatically ruled in his favor after Paul asked for a summary judgement and the judge reviewed the evidence. This is used when one party believes there is so much evidence for their case and the outcome is evident and wants to save money on the trial expenses. This type of practice is disgraceful and it is very obvious Paul did not go from being a great cop to a horrible one. When you are hiring a firefighter, EMT, or police officer the one trait I LEAST care about is who they love all I care about is how good they are at their job and it is a shame anyone would be treated differently because of who they find attractive and that then begins a hostile work environment for that one employee because of the treatment towards him.




Bad System

The article that I chose focused on Zimbabwean employees because when we think of HR especially performance management we do not always think of countries that are less developed then traditional western powers. One problem is that 55.3% of the employees in the country who took the survey felt that senior management did not make the performance appraisal a priority and this turns out to lead to an even bigger problem for those employees.  About 50.8% of the employees surveyed believe that when the management does actually evaluate them there is no distinction for the top performers. What that means is that the people who are at the top of the company in performance are rewarded just as much as the people who performed to an average level which is not fair to the hard work and effort that the top employees put in. Essentially this is a bad system that needs to have changes done to it and needs to have priority for senior management. One interesting thing I saw mentioned was “On average, employees feel that CEOs should get a salary ten times more than that of the lowest paid employees though others feel that salaries shouldn’t differ so much, rather the benefits and allowances should” which interested me a lot, because I have seen this concept before. What it essentially means is that if your lowest paid employee makes 20,000 a year the most your CEO should make in base pay is 200,000. It is an idea I have heard of before and would like to see how it worked in major companies. The reason I chose this article is because I believe that whenever we think of a subject we tend to just think of our environment and our country. It is personally nice to see how employees in other countries struggle with the same things that we do such as being able to evaluate them properly and how to make the process easy and a priority. That is probably one of the hardest things to do when evaluating performance is to have an effective process for the group you’re evaluating.



Fired for Lactation

A federal judge recently ruled that it was not sex discrimination for a Houston company to fire a recent mother because of her lactation in work. The mother came back to work after her maternity leave and every few hours would use a breast pump because as a natural women lactate when they become pregnant as well as afterwards. Her company did not like this and decided to fire her. The company claimed that she did not keep in contact when in reality her phone records showed she called multiple times a week to her boss. She claimed to have asked her boss if it was okay that she use her breast pump in a break room during work and he claims that he said no, and she claims he never said anything. Then she was just fired. The claim is that breast feeding/breast pumps are a part of after the pregnancy which means they are not protected from terminating an employee. This is clearly sex discrimination to me. Last time I checked I (and any other man for that fact) cannot lactate not to mention many studies show breast feeding/breast milk is much better then formula for a newborn baby. We are all adults in a company and if someone cannot handle a woman using a breast pump in a private place then people need to grow up. I will go out on a limb and say all the judges that have upheld this ruling are male. It is clear to me how dumb some people are in this world whether in a company or in a court system. This is clear sex discrimination and it seems fine that people can take multiple smoke breaks during the day, but a mother cannot do what she needs to do because of her recent pregnancy.



President of India Stressed Human Resources

Pratibha Patil, President of India, stated recently how important human resource building was for the country as a whole. That it needed to be done because “We have to focus on building our human resource…it is human beings who set up factories and run them. It is human beings who establish institutions that are engaged in multiple activities, from providing services to undertaking research and scientific activities for the betterment of humanity”. This is quite important to the growth of India and its future on the world stage. India is at the point where within the next 50-100 years it can overtake China, mostly because their populations are going in opposite directions. China’s population is going down while India has a very young population that is still going up. This means that many people need to be organized inside of the country and the only real way to do that effectively is through human resources not just in companies, but all around the country. The reason I chose this was because I have been to India before and have seen how things work and the enormous potential that is inside of that country. The only problem is that it can only succeed if the country is lead towards a better management of their people. Some large corporations already have fantastic human resource policies in India, the problem is going it on a wider scale with the government in a way that people won’t resist.




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