Fired for Lactation

A federal judge recently ruled that it was not sex discrimination for a Houston company to fire a recent mother because of her lactation in work. The mother came back to work after her maternity leave and every few hours would use a breast pump because as a natural women lactate when they become pregnant as well as afterwards. Her company did not like this and decided to fire her. The company claimed that she did not keep in contact when in reality her phone records showed she called multiple times a week to her boss. She claimed to have asked her boss if it was okay that she use her breast pump in a break room during work and he claims that he said no, and she claims he never said anything. Then she was just fired. The claim is that breast feeding/breast pumps are a part of after the pregnancy which means they are not protected from terminating an employee. This is clearly sex discrimination to me. Last time I checked I (and any other man for that fact) cannot lactate not to mention many studies show breast feeding/breast milk is much better then formula for a newborn baby. We are all adults in a company and if someone cannot handle a woman using a breast pump in a private place then people need to grow up. I will go out on a limb and say all the judges that have upheld this ruling are male. It is clear to me how dumb some people are in this world whether in a company or in a court system. This is clear sex discrimination and it seems fine that people can take multiple smoke breaks during the day, but a mother cannot do what she needs to do because of her recent pregnancy.



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