STARS Air Ambulance, Systems thinking and Disruptive technology

From the Stars Ambulance case it was possible to perceive how the Information Technology function inside an organization is underestimated. The biggest challenge for Mr. Khan as CIO is to rescue and improve the IS department and function inside the organization. This function should be considered as one of the most important ones, because relates three crucial functions, information, technology and innovation.

Information is one of the most important resources inside organizations nowadays. The companies that use this resource more efficiently have a competitive advantage over their competitors. Managing information for me is related to systems thinking. That is the possibility of seeing everything as a whole, knowing that every little detail will affect every single process. To think in the systems paradigm is to have an ability to recognize all the different things that are part of the system ant the interrelation between them. Also I believe is very important to recognize that most of the systems related to business or organizations are open systems, they are affected by external factors that may determine the success or failure of the system.

Technology is one of the fields that require more people with systems thinking skills. Technological advances are possible because the ability of insert system thinking and innovation, at the moment of designing new products. Also thanks to systems thinking is that people have added value to this technological innovations and created disruptive innovation. This represent those innovations that change the way a product or service was conceived, for example to buy plane tickets online, the ipad, smartphones, GPS, and so on.

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