Tips and Tricks for using the foxmis community


How add an RSS feed of a specific category from a site/blog to your site/blog

Step 1: Obtain the RSS Feed Link

Step 2: Add the RSS Link to you blog/site

  • Go to the Dashboard for you site.
  • Under Appearance->Widgets, Add a rss widget to your sidebar.
  • Specify the rss link as the Link you just obtained.
  • Save and you are done.

Configuring/Starting An Individual Blog

New student and faculty members might be finding it difficult to set up their blogs and make their regular posts show up on their homepage. By default each student and faculty member is assigned a template that focuses mainly on their “About Me” profile and not their blog posts. The actual blogging feature of WordPress is obscured through this profile-centric approach, however it is still an integral part of your personal page. By regularly updating your blog and posting new material it will keep your page looking fresh and active. Here’s what you can do.

Navigate to the dashboard and on the sidebar go to Appearances > Widgets then drag and drop the Recent Posts widget onto the sidebar. This will enable you and your visitors to see your latest blog posts and navigate to them by clicking on the respective hyperlinks.

NOTE: By doing this your sidebar will be completely wiped out and replaced with only the Recent Posts widget. This will leave a significant amount of whitespace on your sidebar so I suggest adding at least one more widget to give your page(s) a more “filled in” look. I suggest adding some of your favorite links and (if you intend to post a lot) add a categories widget.

Now you’re ready to post by simply going into your admin bar (grey bar on top of page) and selecting your blog/site and clicking on New Post. WordPress has a very rich posting interface where you can add images, video, tables, polls, and even forms into your posts. Have fun!

How to create a course site

  • Login to your account
  • Click on My Blogs
  • Select “Create a Blog”
  • Please use the following convention for the “Blog name”: course number, section, term, so if your course is MIS 2101 Section 001 and you are teaching in fall 2009, your course URL would be ‘mis2101sec001f09’. If we all use this convention then it will be easy to remember and find courses.
  • For the “Blog title” we recommend using the title of your course. So if your course is MIS 2101 Informations Systems, then use “Information Systems” for the title.
  • There is one more critical step after the above process is complete. Click on “My Blogs” again and select the new site you just created. Then select “Switch Themes.”
  • Select the “Course” theme. This will automatically configure the look and feel of your site so that it is set for a course. Don’t worry you can change it all later. This is to get you started.
  • Now take a look at the site.
  • You can add “posts” to the site by again selecting “My Blogs” and then selecting the new site and then “New Post.”
  • That is all it takes to get going!
  • For more control and options, select the “Dashboard.”