Tips and Tricks for using the foxmis community


How add an RSS feed of a specific category from a site/blog to your site/blog

Step 1: Obtain the RSS Feed Link

Step 2: Add the RSS Link to you blog/site

  • Go to the Dashboard for you site.
  • Under Appearance->Widgets, Add a rss widget to your sidebar.
  • Specify the rss link as the Link you just obtained.
  • Save and you are done.

Starting to Use WordPress and BuddyPress


Since there will be a large amount of new student users registering at the beginning of the semester I figure I’d post some guiding pointers to help them get set up.

As mentioned in my previous post, initially, your blog will look very bland. You are given a shell to populate as you please. However, there is some infastructure behind the shell which will both guide you and provide a framework for getting stuff done.

You (the user/blogger) exist in two mutually inclusive “parts” of the site. One is WordPress MU (the blog) where you can submit posts, change your “About Me” page, and add other pages to your personal site. The other is BuddyPress (the community/social network) where you can see the profiles of other students and faculty.

BuddyPress is comperable to Facebook in that it allows you to browse and “friend” various users and their blogs. For example you can keep track of your classmates by friending them and find your classes by searching the blogs. As the site grows you will be able to join various groups, such as AMIS, and have group discussions.