Tips and Tricks for using the foxmis community


Google Analytics Plugin and Video Tutorial

Google Analytics plug-in in an asynchronous tracking tool for WordPress that can be segmented by users, authors, categories, tags, publication, and post after the plug-in is activated and settings are applied.  To learn more please visit the video


GD Star Rating

GD Star is a Rating plug-in that can be utilized to allow comments, posts, and
pages to vote.  User Manual can be found:

To set up the ratings, follow these steps:

1)      Once the plug-in is activated, there will be a GD Star rating Field on the Dashboard.  Edit the settings to your desire on who can vote.  You have many options and they can be set different for each (post, comment, or page). They range from everyone to only users, etc.  Adjust the voters to specific or hide categories if not going to be used.  You don’t want to have a star and a thumb voting option on your post/page.

2)      Votes can be seen on the page, comment or post.  There s also the capabilities to monitor who voted by scrolling down on the dash board to arrive at “GD Star Rating Latest”.

Using Plugins and Widgets


Plugins extend WordPress functionality by allowing users to add various applications to their blogs or enhance aready existing WordPress features. Each blog has several plugins available for use. They are: KB-Gradebook, TinyMCE Advanced, cformsII, WordPress Download Monitor, Polls, and Ratings.

Most of these plugins can be inserted as widgets into your blog sidebar and will display sitewide. You can access the sidebar by going to your admin bar above each page, select a blog then go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets. Then you can add or delete widgets from your sidebar. I will make an individual post for each plugin detailing what it does and how you can use it.