Tips and Tricks for using the foxmis community


Create a Poll Using PollDaddy

To use the plug-in, register a new user account at

This will allow you create your own polls. You can register for a free account or choose to upgrade, dependent on the amount of responses that you need.

Steps to Follow:

  1. Create a Poll Daddy account
  2. Activate the Widget and enter your user email and password
  3. Create a Poll
    1. You can create a poll at and then use the short code and embed it into your post or page.
    2. You can also create the posts in your WordPress Dashboard.

i.      Select the question, answer, and themes.

ii.      Save

  1. Then click on the link that says Polls (a widget on the left side of dashboard) and under the Poll you are referring to, select “Share-Embed” and then copy and paste the short code into any post or page.

On the Poll, you also have the option to edit the poll, review the results, preview, delete, and close the poll

  1. Difference between creating the poll on the WordPress dashboard and creating it on is that the site has the capabilities of building out the polls to a survey structure.  Creating a poll in WordPress is typically one question and then the desired answers.

Embeding Your Google Calender

Activation of the plug-in gives you the option to add a widget to the sidebar. The widget is importing a Google calendar.

To embed a calendar that you want, do the following:

1)      Use “Google Calendar Embedded Helper” and log in to your Google account.

2)      Fill in all the information on the left side of the page and select “update HTML”.  Note: Height should be 200 and width should be 200 (you can change to different pixels depending on your experience with coding). A Code should be in the textbox that you will copy( highlight and press CTRL “C”)

3)      Go back to your WordPress sidebar and paste the code in:

4)      The other fields are automatically updated. You can use these you do not paste the code in yourself and manually insert the information.

5)      The Calendar will be displayed in the sidebar of your pages.