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The Impact of Social Media and Networks

kommunikasjon508Last night I had an excellent networking opportunity that I did not hesitate to take advantage of. As we all know the underlying platform that this site is built upon is WordPress MU along with an installation of a plugin called BuddyPress. Both are developed by the WordPress team. The founder and developer of this blogging/CMS software is none other than Mr. Mullenweg.

He is one of the many people who embody the whole Web 2.0 and social networking paradigm shift. The idea is that anyone can become a content provider. The web is no longer a highly structured/rigorous environment. People have the freedom to move around and share content and information with one another at virtually no cost. I can discover all sorts of new videos, applications, music, games, pictures by doing a simple search. Someone, somewhere on the web has similar interests to mine and is perhaps just as if not more passionate about a hobby or skill than me.

If you bring a community of people together that have similar skills or interests then you are generating something more powerful that just an individual/personal website. Communities can be leveraged in many ways, they act as a whole. Sometimes members of a community have dissenting opinions, but if the community is strong they will not let one argument or general disagreement destroy them.

I’ve been part of several communities. Most of them were centered around gaming. As gamers we like to get together and play against or with each other online. It’s always more fun to play with someone (an actual human being) than a computer controlled NPC (non-playable character). Gaming communities are made so that people with similar interests can get together and play together. Most of these communities tend to be very tightly knit with a few elite members and lots of non-elite members. The hierarchy is very loose in terms of who is the “leader” of the group or community. Sure there is an admin and a few moderators, but people are mostly free to post whatever they want. This is what makes communities successful: a loose structure and the freedom to express your thoughts.

What should you blog about?

question-markWhen people start a blog they are usually overjoyed with the fact that they now have a presence on the Web and can share their knowledge and thoughts with the rest of the world. It’s true that there are millions of bloggers out there on the World Wide Web. It’s up to you what you decide to blog about and how you go about differentiating yourself from the rest of the blogosphere. Many blogs have a very niche focus, others a very general one. Your posts may or may not get much attention depending on who your followers are. These are not set  rules for starting a blog. Everyone’s outcome is different.

The blogs on the MIS community site should reflect your personal and professional interests. I don’t recommend using the blogging feature of the site to post personal and/or intimate details about your life (that’s what Facebook is for). Instead, why not posts some reflections about the current trends in the tech industry. As MIS students we have a fairly good grasp on what goes on in the industry. We know that Microsoft’s Windows 7 is coming out in October. We know what a marketing disaster Vista was, and hope that Microsoft has learned from their mistakes. There is always something to write about, you just have to choose.

Once you’ve established a “focus” or decided what topic(s) you want to post about, it’s simply a matter of being consistent. Posting should be done regularly. Maybe once or twice a week if you are busy and have lots of homework to catch up on. Remember, you aren’t required to post in or even have a blog. Most students probably won’t use the blogging feature of the site at all and just stick to having a personal page which they update every so often. I enjoy writing, so I will try to update my blog once I figure out what I should write about.

If anyone has any questions regarding setting up their blog and/or posting just email me at