John Alemi

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2019


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Health IT and Analytics Workshop at Villanova:

This workshop taught me a lot about how analytics will change health care in the long run through MySQL queries, machine learning & AI, and other simulation models. The most interesting thing I got out of this workshop was resource management simulation that Vijay Gehlot went over. I thought this was interesting and beneficial because it showed me how quickly Hospital managers and executives could go through thousands of simulations with a click of a button and see where flaws lied in the overall process.

Data Analytics Challenge:

In the Fall of 2017, I participate in Temple’s data analytics challenge. There were three different questions we could choose to analyze. My classmate and I chose the questions “Does speed matter in E-Commerce?”. We used excel pivot tables and other tools to analyze the data. In analyzing QVC’s E-Commerce dataset, we tried to focus my efforts around the pertinent questions.  We wanted to figure out whether the speed of delivery mattered in E-Commerce. We also evaluated where the most popular products were purchased the most. We first analyzed when the products were delivered 7 days or less, will the customer order again. We used the ship date and delivery date to figure out how long these products took to get to their destination. We found that customers were more likely to order again if the order was delivered in less than 7 days by 63.33% and they would order more than twice 46.55% of the time. If the order took more than 7 days we found out that customers were much less likely to order again at 31.87% and only 15.82% of customers would order again more than twice. We also found the top-selling products and their most popular geographical markets. We can use this data to make sure that we get more customer retention. If the distribution centers are prepared to deliver the specific products, they will be able to ship and deliver the products under 7 days and keep customers happy. This challenge taught me how to use big data and break it down into meaningful information anyone can understand. I’m looking forward to participating in this year’s challenge as well!

FOX IT Awards:

This April marked the 18th annual FOX IT awards. Students, professors, and industry professionals came together to celebrate the prestigious MIS program at Temple. It was a great networking event as well. Many industry professionals were eager to talk to us about our career goals and aspirations. They told us what worked for them in figuring out what they want to for their careers and what made them so successful. The three industry professionals that won awards were John Turner the Vice President and CIO of 3m, James Rhee the CEO of Ashley Stewart, and Dave Kotch the Vice President & Chief Information Officer of FMC. They all gave great speeches but the one that really stuck out to me was James Rhee’s because he really showed everyone that he cared for his brand and did everything to keep Ashley Stewart alive. He kept mentioning his employees and thanked them for all the hard work that they do every day. His speech really motivated me because it showed me how far hardwork and dedication can go.

Professional Achievements

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