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Implicit Bias Tests 2/25/12

Date of the article:  Feb 22, 2012, from The Economist:

Implicit bias: You may not think what you think you think

After the class discussion about the Honesty and Integrity Test, I realized that there is an article talks about another different type of test that deals with test-takers who are being test either they are being biased or not. This article briefing introduce by stating, about 6,000 African-Americans are suing the state for not just facing the overt or deliberate discrimination, but also hiring decisions based on the race. Another is that, in the Supreme Court, about 1.6 millions of women suing Walmart for sex discrimination. Basically is this; the majority of employees felt that the hiring process was bias and ambiguous. Anthony Greenwald was the one who created the (IAT) “Implicit Association Test.” This test measured based on unconscious biases. Furthermore, the test was also coming from the Project Implicit website, “implicit.harvard.edu.”

Coincidentally, this was the same exact website where I heard during my class time. In my mind, there is no such thing like bias, unbiased, or neutral because these tests are the purpose of hiring an employee to its organization. But I do know that some test-takers, who probably took the test already, may have different kinds of viewpoint than me (which also means I do not have the rights to encounter my arguments either). But yet again, I do agree one thing from the article is that many typical questions from the test cannot determine a person’ point of view. This is because the law is the important role to make the hiring decision. With all being said, I believe that the integrity test does help the supervisors and recruiters to make hiring decisions easier, but hopefully that these kinds of tests would not be judged based on “biased” from the test-takers.


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