Layoffs 3/29/12

Date of the article: March 29, 2012, from BusinessWeek:

How US states fared on jobless aid applications

The number of job aid applications had reduced the certain amount of benefits for the U.S employees. This is because of the cause of layoffs. For example, New York drops about 3100 applications due to the layoffs of manufacturing companies. Texas, California, and Ohio are also dropping several thousands of applications as well (with no personal reasons). The last example that seems to be surprising is Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania decrease about 1600 of application due to the layoffs in manufacturing and other services as well.

With these reasons, layoffs are caused by downsizing, labor reduction, and especially because of the job market. Well remember about Texas, California, and Ohio did not provide personal reasons why their application went down? Maybe that is because of the downsizing and labor reduction. Many employees do value benefits, promotion, and other job satisfaction. But with U.S employee’s job aid application continues to happen this way, many may have lost confidence to working for benefits and more. By all means, most employees work because of the benefits that they can have it in the future. But the good news is the only state that increase application so far is Florida. Their applications continue to increase about 1900 more from manufacturing to retailing industries. So if anyone wants to work for benefits and cash assistance, well Florida will be at its service.

Name: James Tang

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