NoSQL-MIS 2502

Name: James Tang


NoSQL (NotOnly SQL) is different from SQL or other relations, but it is used to transport a large scale of data into distributed data store. SQL, by the way, is a structured query language while the relational databases are the underlying technology. NoSQL is important to certain companies like Facebook, Twitter, or Google. For example, imagine millions of users from Facebook are accumulating Terabytes into the data every day. In the NoSQL database, this is how relational database management system (RDBMS) transfers the data in a faster format as the memory size increases. RDBMS is where the data is stored into the related tables or by keys. Therefore, NoSQL has become popular for larger scales of data (Perdue, 2012).

NoSQL could replace MySQL because it can process large amounts of data more quickly. In Fitzgerald Steele, choosing NoSQL over the MySQL contains a better speed and scalability. MySQL is designed to save the data manually. However, the problem with MySQL is that when the data is large, the relational database will become slower as the size increase. But NoSQL is simpler, because this database was designed for the purpose of having a larger scale of data (Fitzgerald Steele, 2010). Overall, NoSQL is more useful than MySQL for data analytics.

In NoSQL Case Study: Migrating to HBase/Hadoop to Handle Firefox Crash Reports at Mozilla, shows that Firefox has 2.5 million crashes, on Gigabytes, at Mozilla every day (Popescu, 2010). By the way, HBase retrieves the operational data while Hadoop attains the large data and runs the results. This is how Firefox uses migration with HBase and Hadoop to record the crashes from the report. So whenever the data has crash, the crash report will transport to HBase instead so the damage will minimize the harm to the rest of the data. As of now, its large data of crash reports will process through the HBase and will increase the data size over the time period (Popescu, 2010).


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