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John Carsia

May 2014 Graduate

Temple University — Fox School of Business

Major: Management Information Systems (MIS) — Major GPA: 2.86

Email: jcarsia@temple.edu

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My name is John Carsia and I am a recent (May 14′) graduate from Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Management. I would like to pursue career opportunities as a Business Analyst or Technology Consultant. My B.B.A is concentrated in Management Information Systems (MIS). Temple’s B.B.A in MIS is nationally recognized and was most recently ranked #14th in Best Undergrad MIS Programs by U.S News and World Report.  To learn more about the MIS concentration at Temple, please click here.

Organizations in today’s and tomorrow’s business environment will depend on organizational systems to automate and improve business processes. Consumer IT and tech-startups will continue to drive innovation and create products that change the way people interact with technology. As technology is constantly evolving, it is important to obtain a skill set that will allow you to evolve with it. The point here is not to become an expert as related to a specific technology or system; but too become an expert in understanding how systems and inter-related parts will change,  how to plan for and identify signals of innovations,  and how to communicate the complexities of the IT world often times in a non-IT context. My goal is to leverage a strong understanding of ‘systems thinking’ and strong communication skills to lead IT projects and create innovative solutions for clients that will grow their business or create more efficient business processes.

Classwork has included but is not limited too flash research assignments, business analyst work and project management as well as exposure to several systems and programming languages such as SAP, MySQL, and PHP. I have put an emphasis on being involved both in the classroom as well as with student organizations and internships. I have held various leadership positions in Temple’s Association for Information Systems as well as a founding member and VP of IT Services, an AIS fundraising initiative that exposed MIS students to real clients on HTML web development projects. Over two years with IT Services allowed me to develop as a strategic leader in an organizational and project-related context. Please reference the Academics and Work sidebar to learn more.

Please spend some time browsing my e-portfolio and learning more about my academic and personal interests. Enjoy!

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