IBM Watson: Changing the Game

"Smarter Than Humans?"

Google On Steroids? No, Watson is more than that.

Brad Reuter, Jeopardy’s all time biggest money winner, was quoted as saying “I would have thought technology like this was years away; but it’s here now. I have the bruised ego to prove it.” Why the bruised ego? IBM built a computer that can process natural language and reach conclusions in less than 3 seconds, and in turn playing Jeopardy better than Jeopardy legends. Watson calculates information, measures confidence of his search results, and even develops strategic strategies in which to properly play the game of Jeopardy. This computer even chased down a game changing Daily Double in which Ken Jennings, a well known Watson competitor, stated “That was the moment when I knew it was over.” The significance of this system, however, lies within the future. IBM expects Watson to change the game, revolutionize industries such as customer service, finance, and healthcare. Before reading any further, I suggest you watch this two minute video clip from IBM:

That is a short clip regarding what Watson could do for the medical field, and honestly, what Watson could do for the medical field in astonishing. What Watson could do for finance and customer service, along with many other opportunities, is something I encourage technology buffs and anyone else to learn more about. IBM runs a series of documentaries which will allow anyone interested to learn about the project from start to finish, all of which can be accessed by following this link:

Enjoy, and anyone interested in further discussing Watson, feel free to contact me.

Happy April Fools Day.


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