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who to sit

Rashard Mendenhall- Rashard Mendenhall will have another rough week against a strong 49er defense. I wouldn’t rely on him at all.


Ryan Matthews- Mike Tolbert continues to be the back San Diego relies on if theyre in a pinch. That combined with Matthew’s knack for fumbling has seen his carries diminish in the past few weeks.


Hines Ward- No surprise here. Hines Ward continues to show his age this year as he’s now the steelers 4th receiver. Don’t count on Hines. It’s Mike Wallace time baby!

Who to sit

Joe Flacco (Bal) – Joe Flacco faces a tough match up against a strong browns secondary. Look for the baltimore game plan involve alot of touches for Ray Rice, follwing the trend of recent weeks.

Johnny Knox (Chi)-  His numbers have been ridiculous the past two weeks, but the party is over. Knox will fall back down to earth with the injury to Jay Cutler, and find himself as a 3rd option once again.The Bears should be able to keep this game in the hands of Matt Forte, limiting the effectiveness of all Bears receivers this week.

Owen Daniels (Hou)- Owen Daniels, once matt schaub’s favorite target, has not caught a touchdown since week 4.Can T.J. Yates turn Daniels back into a solid TE? It’s possible, but it’s not something I’d bank on with my season on the line.

Who to start

Aaron Rodgers (GB)- Aaron Rodgers is a must start for every team he plays for. The likely MVP has an extremely favorable matchup against the hapless New York Giants Defense. Look for Rodgers to scoreupwards of 24 points.


Matt Forte (CHI)- The bears will continue to ride matt forte into the ground this week as they play a shotty Kansas City run defense. Wth Jay Cutler out for the season and Caleb Hanie struggling, I expect the bear’s offensive game plan to run exclusively through the legs of Matt Forte.

Percy Harvin (Minn) – Harvin continues to shine with the absence of Adrian Peterson. Harvin is getting touches at both the running back and wide receiver positions so Percy would be a great start for an team’s flex position.


Aaron Rodgers (GB)- Aaron Rodgers continues to be the pick of the year for fantasy football owners. He never has an off day and his team doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. He averages about 25 points per game and is facing a shaky secondary this week against Tampa Bay. I doub’t Ronde Barber and Aquib Talib will be able to keep up with the packer’s speedy receivers, so look for Rodgers to have another huge day.


LaSean McCoy(PHI)- The Philadelphia Eagles struggles are well documented, but that doesn’t mean everyone is struggling. LaSean”Shady” McCoy has a touchdown in every game this season and continues to be the number one rusher in the NFL. While Andy Reid isn’t one to run the ball much, shady will continue to get his carries and touches out of the backfield. Look for Shady to have at least one touchdown against the first place New York Giants.


Rob Gronkowski(NE)- Rob Gronkowski continues to be Tom Brady’s favorite red zone target. Averaging almost 12 points per game, Gronkowski is an extremely reliable bet when it comes to the nitty gritty in most fantasy leagues. I’d look for Gronkowski to have a big week against an injury plagued Kansas City Chiefs team.

Nightmare Season for “Dream Team”

Today we’re gonna talk about what should have been. A season that started with so much promise and hype is slowly dwindling away with the possible last nail in the coffin coming this Sunday night against the giants. That right the Philadelphia eagles, are facing elimination from playoff contention a week before thanksgiving. Does that seem weird to you? A season that began with free agent signings like Nnamdi Asomugha and a 100 million dollar contract for Mike Vick, no one has lived up to their paycheck. Nnamdi seems to be the most overrated free agent pick up of the year, while Mike Vick looks to be regressing to the Vick who relied on his legs in Atlanta. So I’m gonna leave it up to you guys. What do you think? Is there hope? She would just blow it up and draft a quarterback in the first round?Fire Reid? Trade Desean? That’s right guys, it’s that bleak for our underwhelming birds. Let’s hear it.

Last Week’s losers



Dwayne Bowe-Dwayne Bowe had a less then impressive week this past week and it only looks to be getting worse; with the injury to Matt Cassell Bowe’s stats could plummet. I would be very weary of starting Bowe because he could really go either way. He could be a safety blanket for an unproven backup, or  see his targets diminish due to the chemistry him and Cassell shared. Beware!


DeSean Jackson- Desean’s contract situation is really starting to be an issue. Jackson was inactive last week due to missing a team meeting and the season’s outlook is looking bleak. An injury to Mike Vick makes the outlook even more dire when it comes to Desean. The eagles look like they have officially thrown in the towel and i would consider desean to do much of what he’s done all season. Nothing.


Percy Harvin- Percy Harvin had a rough week but i could say the same for  the whole Vikings offense. Behind rookie quarterback Christian Ponder, the Vikes seems as hapless as they were with ol’ faithful Donovan Mcnabb behind center. This team is in serious need of a re haul, so i would not depend on anyone from this pathetic team, even Adrian Peterson (3rd pick in most leagues) has been very unimpressive up to this point.

Who to sit

Chris Johnson ( Tenn)- Chris Johnson’s struggles continue as he has seemingly lost his starting positions to back up Javon Ringer. A tough match up against a strong Cincinnati defense makes this an obvious sit for the sputtering Johnson.


Torrey Smith (Bal)- after a quick start, Torrey smith seems to have leveled off a bit. Superstars like Anquan Boldin and Ray Rice see most of the touches, so he would be a bit of a reach to start. The fact that they’re playing the stout pittsburgh defense makes him a definite bench warmer.


Reggie Bush (Mia)- Do not be fooled by Reggie Bush’s first 100 yard game of the season last week.. it’s only the second of his career! The Chief’s defense has been looking better as of late, and Daniel Thomas is set to return from the injury list, making Bush a desperate start. Look for Bush’s workload to diminish in the coming weeks.



Best Matchups for this week

Rashard Mendenhall vs Arizona Cardinals- Rashard Mendenhall has finally started to find his stride in the past two weeks. After a big game against Jacksonville, look for Mendenhall to tear up the weak Arizona defense.  His hamstring looks to be back to normal, and he doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.


Dez Bryant vs St. Louis Rams-  The rams secondary is very weak and has given up the most points as a defense in fantasy football this year. Dez Bryant is a probable pro bowler with a physical frame that allows him to dominate smaller corner backs Look for Bryant to have a huge day.


Steelers Defense vs Arizona Cardinals – Kevin Kolb has had his growing pains magnified as a start in Arizona. He fails to make quick decisions and continually comes up small in late game situations. This makes this a great match up for the Steelers. Look for the Steelers to capitalize on Kolb’s mistakes with their veteran secondary and hard hitting linebackers.





Week 4

This week were going to look at week 4′s top tight ends.


Rob Gronkowski (NE) – Gronkowski has slowly established himself as Tom Brady’s favorite target. At 6-6, 266 lbs Gronkowski’s big frame makes him an ideal target for Brady, especially in the red zone. Look for Gronkowski to continue having a big year.


Jermichael Finley (GB) – It’s no secret that Jermichael Finley has been one of Aaron Rodgers favorite targets for a longtime. Although he started a bit slow due to injury, Finley is a reliable target for any fantasy owner. He is due for a big game so look out for him in the coming weeks.


Tony Gonzalez (ATL) – Gonzalez has been one of the leagues best tight ends for quite sometime. His relationship with Matt Ryan is something he’s longed for since his days with the Chiefs. Gonzalez is arguably the most consistent fantasy tight end in the league, so look for Matt Ryan to continue seeking out Gonzalez in the red zone and on third downs.

Week 3

Week 3 of fantasy football was very interesting as we saw many young wide receivers shine. Below we’ll look at the most valuable young receivers on the market and likely to be in your waiver wire.


Torrey Smith (BAL) – with the absence of Derrick Mason and newly acquired Lee Evans, Smith has become a frequent target for quarterback Joe Flacco. Smith has the deep speed that Anquan Boldin and Lee Evans, two older receivers, lack so look for Smith to continue progressing as the season goes forward.


Victor Cruz (NYG) – Victor Cruz has taken full advantage of Mario Manningham’s concussion issues in week 3. Cruz scored two touchdowns while gaining 110 receiving yards against a stellar eagles defense. Look for Cruz to lose some touches when Manningham get back, but i would still keep him ready for action for favorable match ups.


Brandon Gibson (STL) – Gibson has finally started to catch fire as one of Sam Bradford’s  primary targets. The 24 year old Gibson should continue to see a bunch of touches in a weak receiving corps. Although inconsistent, Gibson could be a great addition for a fantasy owner in a tight spot.