About Kimberly Fuller


I am a senior at Temple University, Fox School of Business.  I am studying International Business Administration.  Thus far my favorite subjects have been Business Calculus and Financial Accounting. I am from New York.  I aspire one day to be a marketing director of a big international company in entertainment, whether it be sports, music or fashion.

 I love fashion, music and sports.  Since all three categories interest me greatly I figured it would be exciting to have a marketing jobs in these fields.  I choose marketing because I want to push a product, I want to come up with ideas for people to decide in my favor and be able to close deals with my persuasion methods.  I also like to problem solve and think out of the box.  I also am fascinated with studying different cultures and learning different languages.  So I felt I should take my marketing skill abroad.

 I am a very community oriented individual.  Since my 3 years in Philadelphia I have participated in Philadelphia Cares Day were I have painted school lunchrooms.  I also participated in a community service called Diva Day with AMSA (American Medical Student Association) where we would go to Shriners Hospital to the muscular dystrophy unit and either dress up the kids, do their make up, play games or do crafts.  Also I have participated in the aids walk.



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