My favorite classes


  • I want to thank Professor Anderson for teaching me to look at my surroundings with both awe and scrutiny and to understand how the habitat we made for ourselves will facilitate more human activities. My personal project, done for his class, revolved around identifying the decorative and structural differences between thrift stores and traditional shopping establishments. Through visiting stores and interviewing “thrifters”, I discovered and documented the unique customer journey at these places and how the stores exude random creativity to support it.

The PowerPoint may not tell you as much as you would like to know, as I delivered most of the content to my class orally.


  • Thank you Professor Blackstone for giving me the first hard class in college, one that inculcated in me the value of effort, studiousness and constant inquisitiveness. When I received an A for his class at the end of the semester, I truly believed I have internalized the economic principles crucial to my future career.
  • I have to thank Professor Eisenstadt for teaching me the basics of U.S Laws in such an engaging manner. I learned to think about legal decisions and disputes critically and to respect the principles of justice on which the United States is built upon. Thanks to this class, I was compelled to go and see the court in action. The class reminded me why I have come to America.
  • I have to thank Professor Nelson for teaching me the fundamentals of business and most importantly, how essential it is to be ethical in the world of business.




  • Everything seems to be harder once you got to sophomore.
  • Honors Intro to Marketing, taught by Dr. Eisenstein, while difficult and time-consuming, has been worthwhile. Not only were the lectures engaging, but the weekly business cases my team and I cracked every week have trained me to apply a comprehensive marketing mindset to business problems. I feel committed to my major more than ever before.
  • In my Intro to MIS class, I got to work with a team to produce this small infographic. We entered Temple’s Alexion Analytics Challenge with it, and much to my surprise, we got into the final round.
    • You can find it here.




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