“I got it from my momma”?

Today, I’m doing a post entirely on a 44 year old wife and mother of three whose life revolves around health and fitness.  She is a spectacular, determined, healthy, beautiful woman who got tired of being unhappy with her body and wouldn’t stand for it anymore. She took the initiative, got the tools she needed and grabbed the bull by the horns.  It was one of the greatest decisions and accomplishments of her life so far.

I plan to give you an in-depth look at who this woman is and how she got on the path to achieving her goals.  I hope this post will show you that health and fitness is achievable at any time and any age.  If you have the dedication and motivation to do it then it is in your reach. Take the initiative to start and jump right in!

I’d like to introduce you to Diane Archer, my mom!

Here’s Diane’s story:

Life can be hard and with three kids, a husband and a full time job, it seemed that everyday was a new challenge.  Each day rolls into the next and before you know it, you’re 13 years older, 20 pounds heavier and well…… just plain unhealthy.

When I lost my job, I became very introspective about my life and the lack of quality “me” time.   It really all began with a look in the mirror.  I was staring at a woman I didn’t recognize, and worse, a woman I didn’t want to get to know. I needed to do something. I had seen the “Beach Body” infomercials on TV all the time, but never thought they would work or that I would be able to do that kind of exercise.  One day, feeling desperate and hopeless, I caved and decided to give it a try. I ordered “Turbo Jam” with Chalene Johnson.  Since that program arrived in the mail, I’ve never looked back.  The exercises were challenging, but being in the comfort of my own home, I was not afraid to try and fail a couple of times (which I did!), but I did not give up. 

I am now 44 years old and proud to say, I am in the best shape of my life. If someone would have told me 5 years ago that I would be exercising, strength training and running in 5k’s, I would have told them they were crazy. Today I am on my third cycle of P90X, I still do my Turbo JAM DVDs religiously and am so ready to push myself to my limits with the newest challenge of P90X2!! Why? I love to surpass what I never thought was possible in the first place. People told me “you’ll never be able to do P90X”. You know what.. I proved them wrong, 3 times over. It’s time for you, to prove to yourself, YOU CAN DO IT!!! Dig deep and find that commitment within yourself to learn to love your body again.


A collection of photos before, during, and after the implementation of her exercise and fitness routine. 

Diane’s Stats:

Weight: Before – 120   After – 105

Waist: Before – 30   After – 24.5
Hips: Before – 34   After – 32.5
ChestBefore – 34   After – 32.5
Right Arm: Before – 10.5   After – 11.5
Left arm: Before – 10.5   After – 11.5
Right Thigh: Before – 21   After – 19
Left Thigh: Before – 21   After – 19
Body Fat: Before – 24%   After – 18.5%
Resting Heart Rate: Before – 65   After – 55
Pull Ups: Before – 0   After – 6
Vertical Leap: Before – 77   After – 80
Push Ups: Before – 5   After – 30
In & Outs: Before – 20   After – 60
Wall Squats: Before – 30 seconds   After – 3 minutes
Bicep Curls: Before - 15 reps of 12lbs    After – 20 reps of 20




I took a few minutes to sit down and interview Diane to give you a little more insight into who she is and how she does what she does.
What did you find to be your biggest struggle in your path to weight loss?

  • The biggest struggle for me was my eating habits.  I ate a lot of junk and alot of sugar! 

What is something you still struggle with today?

  • I still struggle with my sweet cravings.  I have found healthy replacements that do satisfy me though.  I’ve fallen in love with the chocolate Shakeology drinks.

At what point did working out stop being a hassle and become something you look forward to?

  • When I started to see results and feel the passion for staying fit. It was incredibly motivating to see the changes I’d been working so hard for.

What is your favorite work out?

  • Plyometrics. Probably one of the hardest workouts, but boy do you feel great when you’re done!

How do you get yourself motivated on days where you really don’t feel like working out?

  • I push through that feeling by reminding myself how far I’ve come to get to this point and also reminding myself of the rewards I reap by sticking with it.

What do you do on days when a workout is just not possible?

  • When a workout is not possible, I do not beat myself up over it.  Let’s face it….things happen.  As long as I get right back on track as soon as I possibly can, no harm done.  I also may pay a little more attention to what I eat for the day.

I know you listen to music while working out, give us a few of your favorite songs from your playlist?

  • Gosh I have no clue about names! My husband and son help put a playlist together for me. I find it nearly impossible to workout without some type of music in my ear (as long as it’s fun and upbeat), no matter what it is!

What would be one word of advice you have for people struggling with their health and weight loss?

  •  One word: COMMIT!


I know you’re working to help people get themselves into shape.  Could you tell us a little about what you do, the products you offer, your site, and how people could get in touch with you if they have questions?

  • I became a Team Beach Body Coach to help others to get on track for a fit and healthy lifestyle. I am proud of my accomplishments and I want to be part of yours. I want to root for you, I want to motivate you and I want to share in every “Oh my gosh, I lost another 2 lbs!” So if you’re ready to COMMIT, GET FIT, and STAY FIT, come Rev It Up With Dee! I’ll help you get there…..and you’ll have fun doing it.  Whether you are a beginner who has never exercised a day in your life or a seasoned pro who is looking to step it up to the next level, I can fit you with a program that will help you accomplish your goals.  I also have nutrition and supplement products to maximize your efforts.  I use an awesome meal replacement called Shakeology and this is, no doubt, my healthiest meal of the day.  It helps with everything from weight loss (if you use it as intended….as a meal REPLACEMENT), increased stamina, improved digestion, healthier hair, skin, nails, etc because it is filled with vitamins and nutrients.  Quite frankly, the chocolate Shakeology is my “UNguilty” pleasure, if there is such a word.  For those of you getting into intense strength training, I offer Recovery Shakes, protein drinks, etc.  If you visit my website, you can see the wide variety of nutrional products and supplements I offer to get you on your way to a healthy and fit life.  Go to www.RevItUpWithDee.com or call me at (610)573-9216 so that I can become part of your goals and successes.  I will help you get there!

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I’d like to thank Diane for giving us a glimpse into her life and inspiring all of us by letting us know that our fitness goals are within reach.  You’re quite an amazing woman, Mom!


Photo Credit: Diane Archer

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